The land of thousand islands

Dear travelers, Croatia welcomes you. Here you’ll find all about Croatia country. Where is it? Whats’s the weather like?


Everything about Croatia’s unique History, landscape and much more.


The country is best known for its diversified shoreline with over a thousand of islands scattered across the clear, blue waters of Adriatic sea; a large number of national parks and pristine wilderness; rich history and customs; great food and wines; hospitality of the people. Best olive oil in the world and some of the world’s largest reserves of fresh, drinking water (so 96% of the households use the tap water exclusively).

Known as the safest country in Europe, Croatia has long been a chosen holiday destination for tourists from all around the world.


Croatia, an EU member state, is situated in the center of Europe along the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea and right across Italy.


Modern network of motorways connects every corner of Croatia and the country itself with the rest of Europe. Airports, harbors, and marinas spread across the country and even on the smallest islands make it easily accessible by air and sea.


There are two distinct types of climate thanks to the massive mountain chain that stretches along the coast from the northwest all the way to the southeast tip of Croatia.

On the south side of the chain, the warm Mediterranean climate ensures warm summers and pleasant, mild winters. On the north side of the mountain chain, however, things are slightly different. It’s a common, continental and moderate climate region with hot summers and sharp, snowy winters.

That specific geology enables a unique experience because you can go from suntanning on the beach before lunch to skiing on the mountains during the afternoon if you go just a couple of miles to the north. Because it can happen only in Croatia.

But there’s a far more important reason to come to Croatia for holidays.

Visiting Croatia and the Adriatic coast with its thousand pristine islands is like coming home. And we are not talking figuratively. Croatia is where you come from! Your home. And your home, in case you didn’t know, is simply breathtaking.

All about Croatia country: Capital City Zagreb
All about Croatia country: Capital City Zagreb

There’s a lot to see and experience. Learn all about Croatia country unique History, landscape, and FUN Outings.

For instance, did you know that you can ski on the slopes of one of the greatest European mountain chains in one moment, and drink a cold beverage on the coast, wearing nothing but the shirt, only a half an hour later? And we are talking February here. Can you believe it?


Or, how about experiencing the life of Neanderthals in one of their original caves up on the northwest of Croatia during the morning and then taking a ride on the longest and fastest European zipline before enjoying the lunch?


 So 1700 meters of pure fun and adrenaline in the center of Croatia!

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While you are over there, it might be a good time to take a stroll in Plitvice Lakes National Park. Since the zipline is located on the park’s western border and just 20 km of the highway. The rich traditional cuisine consisting of meals that have been served to Croatian kings and dukes will definitely satisfy even the most sensitive and finicky tastes.

After a good lunch, it’s best to take a rest along the shoreline of the pristine and crystal clear lakes and waterfalls. Because sounds of nature and the exposure to the green color of the ancient forest surrounding the lakes act as great destressers, relaxing your body and your mind entirely.

Fun fact About Croatia country:

The hit HBO series Game of Thrones was filmed on the Dalmatian coast in Split and Dubrovnik.

Once your batteries are fully recharged, it’s time for the ultimate experience, Croatian way.

There’s this great mountain, full of endemic species, cave systems, and hiking routes, that separates continental Croatia from its Mediterranean part. And it’s this mountain that’s been responsible for such a dramatic climate difference between the south and the north of Croatia.


5,679 meters of driving through one of the European most longes and advanced motorway tunnels is all it takes to experience these two entirely different weather conditions.


But exciting as it is, that’s not what you are ultimately after.

All about Croatia country: Zrmanja river
All about Croatia country: Zrmanja river

Once you exit the tunnel on the south side, the scenery will take a dramatic turn. So what you’ll see and what you’ll feel, will take your breath away.

It’s the Croatian way to experience Croatian diversity. To drive through Sveti Rok tunnel, from north to south and feel it.

By all means, make the stop on one of many practical resting spots along the modern freeway and soak up the moment. Let it overwhelm you and let it rejuvenate your very being.


Only then, proceed forward, to the Adriatic coast, where you’ll have the taste of the original Mediterranean dinner, and the one you’ve been hearing about since your earliest days.

Well known fact about Croatia country that it has a crystal clear sea, unique in Europe.

With the water quality way above the standards, is providing with the fresh and healthy seafood over the millenniums. Hundreds of years old olive trees that you can see wherever you look are adding that final touch to your dish. Finally, a glass of the finest wine and the gentle sounds of acapella bands will make you feel like you are in heaven.


And You need all of this because tomorrow you’ll be on your way to one of Croatia’s many music and movie festivals taking place on the beaches, stadiums, old coastal towns, and ancient amphitheaters. 


So Just head northwest along the coast. There’s an ancient Roman arena, a front door to a Tuscany-like landscape of Istria. Home of the world’s finest olive oil. It’s where the Croatian shoreline begins leading all the way to the guardian of Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik.


That’s how your home feels like today. That’s Croatia, the land of thousand islands and your home away from home.

Ah, yes, you are still waiting for an explanation about Croatia country being your original home…

You see, between 20,000 BC and 13,000 BC, the human population was surviving the last Ice Age.


Croatia and today’s Adriatic coast, in particular and served as one of four major refugia during the last glacial maximum.


So latest genetic research confirms that 80% of European men share the same specific genetic marker. And it can be traced back to Croatia. Country with the longest shoreline in Europe, the clearest sea worldwide, and one of the most exciting and richest histories of all European countries. So it’s not a surprise that people feel an instant warmth in their hearts when they finally arrive in the land of their ancestors.

But the story of your origins does not stop there.

There’s another reason why you and everybody else feel some unexplainable attraction to Croatia,. Different regions, mountains, rivers, its famous vineyards, and of course, the unique coast.


The EU member state and the member of the NATO alliance. Croatia has been serving as the front shield of Western and Northern Europe since 14th century AD. The fast-advancing ferocious and ruthless Ottoman Empire broke the tip of their spear in Croatia and ultimately got pushed back after 500 years of fighting. In the 1990s, Croatia was on the forefront of the wave that finally eliminated the reign of communism, once and for all. 


Only, unlike in other countries ruled by the communist parties. Croatia had to fight for the independence in the war that lasted for 5 years.


Small country, at the southeast of Europe, forged in centuries of wars and earned its nickname: The Land of Warriors. Warriors, who protected your long lost home so you could come and enjoy your time, freely and above all, safely. Every second of it.


So come. Come to Croatia. Come home