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Allow Yourself To Go Where No Ordinary Tourists Go

Where no ordinary tourists go is something that sparks your emotions?  Than come with us and we’ll show you some great places!

So, you think you know all about Croatian islands. You’ve seen all the incredible footage of it, videos and photographs, you’ve read about it all across the world wide web.

You think there could hardly be anything else to add to all those amazing features.

But, it could.

Of course, it could.

Croatian Islands
Croatian Islands

Only if you choose the right way to do it. And the right way if you want to go where no ordinary tourists go is – cycling.

The crowd rushes to occupy the Croatian islands in the summer, piling up in the beaches, historic and cultural points of interest, trip- adviser-five-star restaurants and galleries.

 But it happens that they miss out on all the best stuff:

 ● The downbeat pace of islanders’ everyday routine
 ● The life of fishing, farming, and growing of cultures in the Mediterranean
 ● The philosophy of plain and simple
 ● The unquestioning of natural forces, the wind, the sea…

But not you. You are privileged to go where no ordinary tourist go.

The bike takes you places that tourists don’t have time to visit. Small villages off the main roads, vineyards and olive groves, the hidden lagoons, the ridge lighthouses, the shepherds and local cheese producers, the fishermen, the crickets…
Bike Tour on Croatian Islands
Bike Tour on Croatian Islands
You meet people. Real people. Not tour guides, waiters, promoters or entertainers. You meet people whose every face wrinkle has a story to tell. Stories of harsh life spent in isolation, of cold winter winds freezing every single bone in their body,  depending on what the sea will bring you, fish or no fish. Stories of negotiated marriages confronted with true love. This is what the Croatian islands are really about. And somehow, we managed to forget it. The true richness of life.

Where no ordinary tourists go: There is even more to isle riding. The fitness, the health, the whole sport side of the story.

Active Holiday
Active Holiday

And why are Croatian islands perfect for isle riding?

They are of ideal cycling proportions. Not too big to lose the feeling of being on an island, and not too small for a decent bike ride. The trails here are super adventurous because they were not originally conceived as cycling trails, but had practical use as shepherd paths or land approaches. The views of the open seas are just fantastic and the beaches your trails will take you are isolated and out of reach.

Do you need more?

Oh, maybe a boat for your accommodation? To mix cycling with sailing. To sail from island to an island. To take a swim in the deep, and navy-blue waters of the Adriatic. To breathe fresh air and salt your skin.

Is that a bit too much?

Sailing in Croatia
Sailing in Croatia

No, it’s not.
It’s just what you need.
What you deserve.

To feel better and fulfilled with every turn of a pedal.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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