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Exciting Excursion to the Outer Rim of the Croatian Adriatic!

Exciting excursion to the outer rim sounds very good to everyone who enjoyes outdoor activity and active vacation in nature. I already told you how much I like sailing to Vis, the island located far off the Croatian coast. But today, I wanna tell you how much fun you can have on Vis if you are in for some active holidays in Croatia. To be honest, I don’t really appreciate the “march of death” under the scorching sun while your sneakers are melting on the heated gravel on which, by the way, you can easily cook an egg or sometimes, grill a steak. For most of the times, it feels like a punishment, to tell you the truth. However…
Hiking Adventures
Hiking Adventures

If you choose late afternoon, the situation takes a much pleasant turn. I learned this hard way because a few of my dumbass friends arranged “joint venture” with some small group of Welsh folks while being heavily intoxicated. It turned out that these boys and girls are hardcore hikers and one of them even participates in that excruciating desert marathon. Of course they don’t mind going uphill around noon. It’s like a warmup for them. My dumbass friends and I, on the other hand, were almost forced to call for rescue. Too much vodka the night before.

Anyway, there’s a more than enough to see; from Roman architecture to remnants of the Neolithic settlements. Of course, a quick d-tour through a vineyard will definitely take you to the owner’s cellar. Why not taking advantage of the local hospitality. Right?!

I do, however, enjoy an occasional diving trip...

Marine life doesn’t really fascinate me anymore if it isn’t some ecosystem built around the shipwreck. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something profoundly deep about the encounter with the schooling mob of tuna or lone swordfish on steroids but that’s about it for me. Never did stumble upon a shark though and I’m grateful for that to tell you the truth.

Dive and Discover the Sea
Dive and Discover the Sea

But there’s something about the communities that surround wrecks. And the Adriatic Sea hides thousands of wreckages with some predating Jesus. Of course, the most obvious are the remnants of WWII and since Vis was always a strategic point, there’s an abundance of sunken ships of all sizes.

The way to explore them is to contact any of the scuba clubs on the island and that’s it. Like everywhere else, I guess.

And I just love exciting excursion...

Set your brain loose, grab that glass of homemade red wine, and enjoy the ride while others are worrying about navigation, safety, and like dozens of drunken men and women (depending on the occasion).

From the island itself, there are more than enough of these excursions to choose from. I prefer those all-day-long trips where they take you to the farthest little rock that is sticking from the sea and then talk about some legend surrounding that poor piece of stone.
I do, however, repeat one thing every time I’m on Vis.

Blue Cave on Briševo island, some 1,7 nautical miles (close to 2 miles give or take). But you have to be there before the clock hits 11 a.m., remember that.

From 11 to noon, you wanna be somewhere inside the cave to experience a rare phenomenon that will definitely take your breath away. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been there and it still amazes me. Definitely, a trip I personally recommend.

Oh, I apologize. I forgot to say a few words about cycling. There. I said it.

Bike Trails in Croatia
Bike Trails in Croatia

Now for the important thing. Going alone and shooting blind is admiring. It’s that wild spirit of nature’s greatest explorer. Just you and your destination and your wife and kids who are ready to burst in tears because they had enough of your “d-tours,” “shortcuts,” and “this-is-gonna-be-fun” ideas.

I say, leave it to the pros and enjoy your holiday without a single worry on your mind.

I mean, who’s better to point you in the right direction than a team of people who explored every single corner of the island. Do you agree?

Shoot us a message, will ya? Let us help you organize things the right way. You’re gonna have a blast guaranteed!

Till the next time,

Your CTC Team, 

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