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Extreme Fishing in the Adriatic Sea

Extreme Fishing is a tourist activity you will not find everywhere. But, in Croatia you can even do that! Firstly, some interesting facts.

$3.1 million for a 613-pound bluefin tuna. That’s how much a Japanese “Tuna King,” Kiyoshi Kimura, paid for a breed of the tuna fish that is predominant in the sea off the coast of Croatia.
And you have a neat opportunity to catch yourself such a monster while on holiday! How cool is that?!?! Right?

Tuna Fishing in the Adriatic Sea
Tuna Fishing in the Adriatic Sea

Extreme Fishing: Everything is waiting for you...

You don’t need to be “fully equipped” for such extreme angling. There’s a custom made boat fully geared for extreme anglers waiting in almost every harbor in Croatian Adriatic.

Generally speaking, there are three common packages:

    1. A half day fishing trip where you can choose between the morning and afternoon embarkment
    2. A full day, starting around 9 a.m.
    3. Team buildings, where you can take your most valuable colleagues and associates on a true adrenaline tour and work side by side to pull out some of the biggest tunas or swordfishes that are freely roaming across the Adriatic

No matter what you choose, your captain(s), who are extreme anglers themselves, are making sure that you are fully supplied not only with the appropriate gear but with foods and drinks and everything else such an event requires.

If you never tried something like this before...

You’d be surprised to learn that around 80% of those who embark on such an exciting trip are newcomers. We are talking about the people who never caught anything bigger than a dish-sized trout, but also those who never actually held a rod.
Complete Relax During Fishing
Complete Relax During Fishing

Yet, none of them comes back emptyhanded. And that single event, when they are fighting with the sea monsters such as the bluefin tuna or swordfish that’s well known for its vicious strategy to suddenly turn around and rush in the angler’s direction, transformed them into believers.
It’s no wonder then that each year, same, familiar faces are coming back, seeking for more thrill.

If you never tried extreme angling or never even caught a fish before, now is your chance to experience the thrill of the hunt that reaches far back into your past, all the way to that ancient ancestor who hooked his very first fish and made possible for you to even exist today.

Fishing, just as the hunting, is one of those few rare activities that connect you with your origins and, most importantly, with nature. Because when she bites hard and pull down with the mighty force, you’ll transform into that ancient predator. The predator that is built for the move. Built for the kill!

Once you go extreme fishing, you never go back.

Heck, there are hardcore deer hunters who, after tackling just a single of these sea monsters, changed their rifles for fishing rods and never looked back. That’s how powerful this experience really is. All that sweat, all that pain, the struggle that can last for more than three hours, serve as the ultimate test not only of your ability as a provider but also of your character.

Deer Hunting

If you are having any issues with the “lower” self-confidence after experiencing a dramatic hit or two (common these days), extreme fishing will not only help you recuperate but it will boost your confidence through the roof also! Once again, you’ll be that good old doer who never backs down. In fact, you’ll come out even stronger because the beast will make you earn it!

Give us a call and let’s talk about your expectations from this kind of a journey. It will help us narrow down the most optimal service and set you on a holiday of your life!

Your CTC Team

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