Horse Riding in Croatia – Active luxury holidays in nature park

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Interested in horse riding in Croatia? For DK Eyewitness Travel it is the Top European Luxury Travel Ranch. A true spirit of the old American West cloned on 50 acres of pristine and untamed wilderness. Horse riding holidays in Croatia in UNESCO protected Nature Park. Just an hour drive from the Adriatic coast or Plitvice Lakes National Park. Could you ask for any more?
Horse Riding Holidays in Croatia
Horse Riding Holidays in Croatia

Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is a one of a kind luxury resort to spend active, family holidays.​

Horseback riding, bear-sighting, and also a jacuzzi under the night sky with exquisite cuisine are just a fragment of everything they are offering. At least to those who manage to book a week in the most exciting mountain resort of the continental Croatia.

For those looking for horse riding holidays in Croatia, Linden Tree R & R is the destination of choice.

Horse Riding on the Sandy Beach
Horse Riding on the Sandy Beach

Year-round fun, activities and luxury R & R in pristine wilderness

When people hear ‘Croatia’, they immediately associate it with a crystal-clear blue sea of the Adriatic and thousands of islands packed with hidden, intimate lagoons. But those that dig a bit deeper quickly realize how there is much more to a holiday in Croatia. Instead of just suntanning along the Azure sea you might want to spend horse riding holidays in Croatia.

We are here to find just the right thing for you.


Lately, there is a rising number of people from all over the world who are booking two weeks of holidays in Croatia. The second week is left for that lazy, on-the-beach part of the vacation. Somewhere on the coast or on one of many Croatian islands.

Their week 1 goes to something entirely different and unique in Europe – luxury horse riding holidays in Croatia!

Luxury Horses Avaliable for Riding in Croatia
Luxury Horses Avaliable for Riding in Croatia

Put your jeans, a cowboy hat, and riding boots on because we are going for a week of:

  • Horseback riding
  • Bear-sighting
  • Target practice
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Trekking
  • And a variety of different entertainment programs

There are 50 acres of untamed wilderness waiting for you when you leave our luxurious cabins and tepees. Right after a rich, continental breakfast that even left Michelin’s inspector speechless. The guy immediately put the Ranch’s restaurant in Michelin’s 2016 Guide.

And don’t forget to bring your kids along because Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch has rich programs and activity plans specially designed for children and teenagers.

Child Saying "HI" to the Horse
Child Saying "HI" to the Horse
The idea is to entice spending active but relaxing holidays while being fully exposed to greenery and wilderness. It’s a recipe for a quick recharge but it can only be done on foot or on the horse back. That’s one of the reasons why the entire setup shares much of resemblance to the American Wild West.

The other is the founder himself.

Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch was founded back in 2008 by the renowned American-Croatian biophysicist, Dr. Bruce Yerkovich. He is a pioneer of CIDER, a multidimensional tool for developing sustainable and ethical business practices.

As you will learn when you check-in and spend a day up there, the paradigm has been successfully transferred to the Ranch where Dr. Yerkovich is currently living with his wife Megi.

When is the best time to visit this mountain paradise and enjoy horse riding holidays in Croatia?

Spending an hour in a hot bath surrounded by nature and deep snow, right before a tasty dinner next to a fireplace in a warm, relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant. That’s a one of a kind experience.

There is something profoundly nostalgic and sentimental in the air around you. That long-forgotten child, deep inside of you, is finally waking up again to enjoy the winter as it used to. That sense of joy and emotional fulfillment is simply indescribable.

Late spring in the mountains is something else entirely.

Beautiful Nature
Beautiful Nature

You are witnessing The Awakening. The closest you can get to being one with nature. Surrounded by a blooming abundance of nature, completely detached from civilization enables you to connect with your origins. You are recharging, same as everything around you after a long winter sleep.

At the peak of summer, Linden Tree R & R provides a great intro to a week on the beach

Horseback riding across the colorful and lush meadows on exploration expeditions are unforgettable. You have a unique opportunity to come across wild horses that are freely roaming through the wilderness. That’s something every person on this planet should experience at least once in their lifetime.


A scene of the bear cubs playing with their mother on the edge of the forest or trying to get rid of the annoying bees to have some honey will bring a smile on anyone’s face.

Bear sighting spot in Velebit mountains
Bear sighting spot in Velebit mountains

And when night falls and you find yourself sitting on the deck of your luxury cabin, surrounded by the relaxing sounds of nature, your eyes will be pinned to an amazing number of shining stars up in the night sky. It’s this moment of reconciliation with nature and your inner self.

And when autumn arrives and everything starts changing, we guarantee that you’ll forget to get back to lunch.

The smells, the sounds, and the entire spectrum of colors announcing the soon arrival of snowy days will push you into some alternate reality. The reality where nothing else exists besides you, your horse, and the fast-changing nature that surrounds you. That primordial instinct to prep for the upcoming colder days will kick in. Some unexplainable force will drive you to spend the whole day out, searching.


When you spend a year in the wilderness like the author of this article did on a couple of occasions, you come to realize that it is close to impossible to pick “the best time” or the “most optimal season” to experience nature, unplugged. It might come down to some personal preference, that’s all. Either way, you simply cannot miss no matter when you arrive because each day provides a different experience.


Our suggestion? Try all four experiences, just like with the Plitvice Lakes National Park.


Your CTC Team, I.K. 

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