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International Recognition for Zadar Archipelago Promo Film as It Secures Prestigious Award

Zadar Archipelago promo film earned recognition in Portugal’s International Tourist Film Festival ART & TUR. Their film, ‘Zadar ArchipelaGO – Inviting Adventure,’ won second place for Natural Tourism. The festival ended on October 28, 2023. 

International Recognition for Zadar Archipelago Promo Film as It Secures Prestigious Award 2

During the event, 82 films from 47 countries were shown over four days. A group of 43 experts judged them. ART&TUR, linked with CIFFT, an international organization, picks the best tourist films globally. 

Level 52 from Labin made the award-winning film, showcasing the beauty of the Zadar Archipelago and its adventurous bike activities. They traveled 2,000 km in five days for the shoot in September. 

Pedaling Paradise: Level 52's Award-Winning Film Puts Zadar Archipelago in the Global Spotlight

Sanel Isanović, director of Level 52, shared insights into the project’s scale and inspiration: “This film unveils the extraordinary cycling possibilities on the beautiful islands of the Zadar Archipelago. Filming posed challenges due to the vast 1,300 km² area with around 300 islands. Our locations showcase the beauty and diversity of Zadar’s islands.” 

The award adds to Level 52’s achievements. Isanović is thankful to Ivana Čarić and others from tourist boards for appreciating their work. The film’s success boosts cycling in Zadar, making it a top spot for active tourism and enjoying nature. Ivana Čarić, director and project coordinator, sees the award as a big win. She hopes the film will attract more fans and commits to promoting the archipelago’s tourism. The united tourist boards plan to use this success for future projects and global recognition. 

International Recognition for Zadar Archipelago Promo Film as It Secures Prestigious Award 2

Exploring Zadar's Diverse Cycling Wonderland

Discover the enchanting world of cycling in Zadar, where the landscapes seamlessly blend Mediterranean charm with mountain allure. Riding a bike isn’t just about staying active; it’s a passport to freedom. It is a chance to uncover nature’s hidden gems. Zadar’s region unfolds a myriad of possibilities: 

International Recognition
  • from exploring tucked-away villages in the Dalmatian karst
  • to navigating mountain passes, meandering through fields,
  • and skirting olive groves and maquis. 

Picture yourself pedaling to picturesque island beaches or discovering the untouched springs of karst rivers. 

Enter Velebit, the emblematic hub of Zadar’s cycling scene. Here, Bike Magic takes the spotlight, offering an extensive network of 3,000 kilometers of cycling routes. Zadar has lots of bike paths for different tastes! 

  • 46 mountain biking adventures (MTB),
  • 21 road routes (ROAD),
  • 20 recreational and family-friendly paths (TREKKING & FAMILY) 

Just pick the one that matches your mood – whether you’re up for off-road fun, a longer road journey, or a leisurely family ride or quick sightseeing. Every pedal turn in Zadar is an invite to explore, turning cycling into a fun adventure for everyone!  

Zadar Bike Magic: Your Gateway to Cycling Adventures and Scenic Routes

Zadar Bike Magic makes cycling easy for you! They provide bike-friendly places to stay, special agencies for cycling adventures, and spots to rent or fix your bike. There is also a mobile app called Zadar Bike Magic and GPX dana. It contains maps for each type of cycling route. This helps you find your way and move around safely. 

If you’re up for a special ride, try MTB 12 – Zrmanja 1. It’s a 34.3 km circular route that lets you experience the beauty of the Zrmanja, Krupa, and Krnjeza rivers. They come with stunning views of the Zrmanja canyon and the Krnjeza and Krupa confluence. For those who love a challenge, there’s Majstorska cesta. It is a historic road built in 1832, connecting continental Croatia with Dalmatia via Velebit. 

International Recognition for Zadar Archipelago Promo Film as It Secures Prestigious Award 2

The tough MTB 04 – Velebit 3 route takes you through the fascinating karst phenomena of southern Velebit – Tulove grede (1120 m). They are known for its stone towers, sinkholes, columns, and grooves. The ride is demanding but rewards you with an unforgettable panorama of the region’s natural beauty. 

Zadar Archipelago Promo Film Inspires Active Exploration in Croatia

The Zadar Archipelago Promo Film isn’t just a movie; it’s a game-changer for Croatia! This film showcases the stunning beauty of the Zadar region. Makes it a must-visit destination for adventurers and nature lovers alike. Imagine crystal-clear waters, picturesque islands, and thrilling bike trails that beckon you to explore. This film is like a postcard inviting everyone to experience the joy of cycling and an active vacation in Croatia. 

International Recognition

It’s not just about the scenery. It’s an invitation to dive into the heart of Croatia, pedal through charming villages, and embrace the spirit of adventure. The Zadar Archipelago Promo Film is the key to unlocking the door to a world of possibilities for: 

  • cyclists,
  • hikers,
  • and all those seeking an active escape. 

It’s more than a film; it’s an inspiration for a journey that promises an unforgettable experience in the heart of Croatia’s natural wonders. So, grab your bike and let the Zadar Archipelago be your playground for an active, fun-filled adventure! 

Your CTC Team

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