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Take the Adriatic Sea Kayaking Challenge and Paddle into the sunset

All Your Mornings Might Look Like This:

Adriatic Sea kayaking is a great challenge, you think…

You can feel the warm sun on your skin, but you’re not opening your eyes yet. You want to enjoy the sounds first. The morning mating songs of seagulls. The grebes splashing water in the hunt. The orchestra of crickets in  full swing already.

Sunbathing in the Lagoon
Sunbathing in the Lagoon

The sun shyly peeps but rises fast. You’ve just woke up, all alone, in some hidden lagoon that you’ve paddled in the late afternoon.

An ideal spot to spend the night. You built a small fire and had a gorgeous dinner. A fish you caught yourself on the open sea.

If you want to, you could spend your entire day here, in this lagoon. Just lying around, swimming and sunbathing. You’re not in a hurry. But, you’re up for some action - something likr Adriatic Sea kayaking.

So, you jump in your kayak, right after breakfast, and paddle on.
Sea Kayaking
Sea Kayaking

The air is so bright. It seems everything is closer than it really is. Like you could touch the distant shores with your very hands. They’re just a few paddles away.

And the sea…

Adriatic Sea kayaking: The sea is just perfectly still. It surfaces like a mellow mirror that calls you to draw the waves in it. Calm and peaceful.

Active Holiday with Friends
Active Holiday with Friends

In an early morning, it takes longer to warm your muscles. The body is all tightened up. So, the beginning is never smooth. But you keep on breathing, deeply, and soon your body finds an inner balance enjoying in Adriatic Sea kayaking.

While your body switches over to auto-pilot and continues paddling, you dwell deep into your thoughts.

Of family. Of home. Of work. It’s all so far away now, but your heart is at peace. Sea kayaking along the coast makes you feel secure and gives you the beautiful views you can’t experience every day. But crossing the channels is always fun. You leave the security zone and from then on all becomes possible. A boat, as small as a sea kayak provides a close encounter with the sea. The pure, natural power of it. Every tiny wave. And you can harmonize your moves with it, following the rhythm, meditating in motion.

Adriatic Sea kayaking - This is what your day can start like on an active holiday in Croatia

Adriatic Sea kayaking gives you the oportunity to paddle from island to island. At your own pace. Under your own terms. Croatian islands are spread along the Croatian side of the Adriatic coast, all the way from the Istrian peninsula to Dubrovnik. And they are close enough to one another to make paddling quite a safe activity. Some people do it alone. Like the protagonist of our story given. Others prefer paddling in groups. Some like it Robinson Crusoe style, others enjoy sleeping in camps or guest houses.
Robinson Crusoe Style Holiday
Robinson Crusoe Style Holiday

But what’s waiting for our hero in the day that follows stays a mystery. He will have a good swim, that’s for sure. Somewhere bright and clean. And he will probably visit some nice towns and fishermen villages along the way.

He will laugh and sing and splash. But, will stay focused and strong.
The memories he’s bringing home will never ever fade away.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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