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Time-Traveling Through Orebić: 120 Years of Tourism Tales

Last year, Orebić ranked second in tourism in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, just after the magnificent city of Dubrovnik. This year is a special celebration for Orebić, marking 120 years since tourism began. Today, the most important part of Orebić’s economy is viticulture. 

Time-Traveling Through Orebić

The start of tourism in Orebić goes back to 1904 when the first guests arrived in the town of Pelješac, known for its maritime tradition and natural beauty. This was considered the beginning of tourism. On January 12 of that year, the “Society for the Beautification and Improvement of Orebić” was founded. It included respected locals, with Captain Lovro Kosović as the first president. Their goal was to manage foreign visitors and improve agriculture to meet the growing demands of tourism. 

Mladen Đeldum, the director of the Orebić Municipality Tourist Board, acknowledges the foresight of the Society. He said that the guidelines they established 120 years ago are still relevant today. The Tourist Board plans to organize a variety of events throughout the year to celebrate this significant anniversary. 

Orebić: A Year-Round Haven of Sunshine and Splendor Celebrating 120 Years of Tourism

Apart from the main tourist hub of Orebić, there are other charming places within its municipality. These include colorful Trstenik, Borje, Podobuče, and Prapratna, along with Viganj and Kućište, which are popular among surfers. Lovište is well-liked by boaters, and inland, you’ll find the cozy towns of Oskorušno and Kuna. Orebić is home to two renowned vineyards, Dingač and Postupa, as well as the highest peak of Pelješac, Sveti Ilija. With its rich maritime history and beautiful beaches, Orebić stands out as one of the most attractive destinations in Dalmatia. 


Every year, Orebić welcomes more and more guests, and the impressive tourist numbers reflect this trend. In 2023, it secured a strong second place in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. That means – right after Dubrovnik, with over 130,000 arrivals and almost a million overnight stays. 

The success of Orebić can be attributed to its natural beauty, historical heritage, numerous high-quality dining options, and almost 12 thousand commercial beds. Years of dedicated efforts to enhance the overall experience for visitors have contributed to this achievement. Mladen Đeldum, the director of the Orebić Municipality Tourist Board, expressed gratitude to all those involved in tourism for their part in this success. He also highlighted the commitment to maintaining and improving the visitor experience through various activities planned for the year. 

With Orebić celebrating its significant anniversary, it’s a great reason to consider it for your vacation this year. You don’t have to wait for summer – with nearly 2,600 hours of sunshine, Orebić is a wonderful choice at any time of the year.  

Sun-soaked Adventures and Thrills Await!

Dive into the diverse array of activities Orebić has to offer, where the ultimate summer fun extends beyond sunbathing on its beautiful beaches. While beach relaxation is a highlight, this destination promises a special and unforgettable vacation with more exciting experiences. 

Windsurfing enthusiasts rejoice! Orebić, especially in wind-prone spots like Viganj and Kučište, is a must-visit for windsurfing aficionados. Viganj has even hosted world and European championships in this exhilarating sport – a remarkable feat for such a small place. Windsurfing is an activity open to all, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your stay.


Time-Traveling Through Orebić

Embark on a cycling adventure to Pelješac’s highest peak, Sv. Elijah. The island’s untouched expanses, vineyard landscapes, and forest paths create a captivating backdrop for mountain biking enthusiasts. Pelješac now boasts a plethora of marked bicycle paths, ensuring a delightful experience for those who choose to explore the heights on two wheels. 

For sea lovers, Orebić presents an array of water activities – from sports and diving to swimming, surfing, and exploration. Whatever your preference, Orebić has it all, promising a fantastic time for every visitor. In this haven of excitement, everyone can find their perfect slice of paradise. 

Hidden Gems Around Orebić: Exploring History, Monasteries, and Scenic Views

Discover the rich history and scenic wonders beyond Orebić as you explore its charming surroundings. In the heart of Orebić, seven Neo-Renaissance fountains from the 19th century still stand, a testament to the town’s past. Installed in 1880 alongside the construction of a water supply system, these fountains remain functional today, offering a lifeline when mainland water supplies run dry. 


Venturing outside Orebić, a visit to the Monastery of Our Lady of the Angels is a must. Perched on a hill with a lookout tower that once served as an observation post during the Dubrovnik Republic, the monastery provides panoramic views of the Pelješki channel and an archipelago of around 15 islets between Pelješac and Korčula. Badija, the most significant islet, hosts a monastery, adding to the allure of this picturesque landscape. 

Close to the Monastery lies the tranquil village of Bilopolje. There, a few residents reside amid the remnants of the 19th-century manor house and an ancient church. This peaceful enclave invites you to step back in time and appreciate the simplicity and beauty of days gone by. Embark on a journey through history, nature, and cultural heritage as you explore these hidden gems around Orebić and its surroundings. 

Discovering Hidden Charms and Timeless Beauty

In its surroundings, you’ll find a treasure trove of history, natural beauty, and cultural richness waiting to be discovered. From the enduring elegance of Neo-Renaissance fountains in Orebić itself to the panoramic views from the Monastery of Our Lady of the Angels, each site tells a story of resilience and charm. 

Don’t miss the chance to explore beyond the beaches and experience the unique allure of Bilopolje. Orebić and its surroundings beckon you to create memories that transcend time. Seek adventure, embrace history, or find serenity—Orebić welcomes all. Discover hidden gems taste local flavors, and let Dalmatian charm captivate you. 

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