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Top Sledding Destinations in Croatia

If you love sledding, you’re in for a treat! Croatia’s snowy mountains offer amazing sledding destinations in Croatia. We’ve been to these places, and let us tell you, they are fantastic for sledding. In our country, snow is plentiful in the mountainous areas, making it the perfect playground for sledding enthusiasts like yourself. 

Top Sledding Destinations in Croatia

While skiers are busy with their ski plans, sledding in Croatia has become super popular lately! Many think it’s just for kids, but that’s not true. Sledding is a blast for everyone, no matter how old you are. So, grab your friends and family, head outdoors, and get ready for some snowy excitement!  

To make things easier for you, we’ve picked out the top sledding destinations in Croatia. These slopes are so much fun, you’ve got to visit them at least once in your life. Get ready to enjoy nature, have a great time, and create awesome memories on these slopes!  


If you’re into snowy adventures, you’ve got to check out Čelimbaša in Gorski Kotar. It’s the biggest ski and sledding spot in the whole Gorski Kotar region, and this year, it’s the place to be. The sledding area is all decked out and ready for action. They’ve even added some cool moving straps on the left side of the ski home, making it the perfect setup for sledding. And guess what? There are more sleds on Čelimbaša this year than ever before! 

Gorski Kotar
Gorski kotar

You can hit the sledding slopes on both weekdays and weekends, but keep an eye on the weather. Before you head out, check the latest updates on the TIC Mrkopalj pages or the Ski Home Mrkopalj hostel. They’ve got all the up-to-date info on what’s happening at the ski resort. 

And here’s a tip: If you find yourself in Čelimbaša, don’t pass up the chance to try some delicious treats at the Mrkopalj ski home hostel. You can even stay overnight if you want! It’s the perfect spot for a sledding adventure and some tasty eats. Enjoy the snowy fun!  

Rusovi dolci

There’s exciting news in Delnice – the highest city in Croatia. Since last year, they’ve added a new sledding spot called Rusovi Dolci. It’s right in the city center, making Delnice the only city in Croatia with sledding, a skating rink, and a skiing trail all in one place. 


The new Sledka trail is open every day starting from 10 am. What’s cool is that they’ve added brand-new reflectors on the sledding, so you can even enjoy it in the late afternoon. And here’s something to look forward to – they’re planning to extend the sledding trail to the ‘Love Trail’ in Delnice, making it even more exciting with a larger slope. Plus, they’re working on a shining system, so you can sled in Delnice all the way until spring. How awesome is that? 

Platak is One of Most Famous Sledding Destinations in Croatia

The Rijeka ski resort is not just for skiing; it’s a sledding paradise too! Right next to the awesome Great House of Platak and the ski slopes, there’s a special sledding path waiting for you.


You can rent a sled at the Big Platak House for just around 4 euros and have a blast all day long. And here’s the scoop – don’t miss trying the “Forest” sledding, it’s a seriously cool experience! They even have night sledding – you’ve got to give that a go! 

Top Sledding Destinations in Croatia

But that’s not all. At the Sports and Recreation Center, there’s a cozy café where you can warm up with delicious hot chocolate and munch on some tasty local treats from Rijeka. Yum! 

And hold on, there’s more fun stuff at Platak – ski slopes, tubing trails, a DISC Golf playground, 200 kilometers of bicycle paths, Downhill and Flow Trails, a Mountaineering Promenade, Sports and Children’s Playgrounds, plus Barbecue Zones and Picnic areas for family and friends. It’s a whole adventure package waiting for you at Platak – come join the fun!  

Lovinac (Cvituša)

Get ready for some snowy fun in Lovinac, Lika! There’s this awesome sledding spot on the Cvituša hill – it’s like a winter wonderland. Imagine a sledding path that’s 100 meters long and a whopping 130 meters wide. But guess what? It’s not just for sledding pros; you can also learn to ski here. Double the fun! 

Top Sledding Destinations in Croatia

After all the excitement, take a chill break at the wooden houses of “Medin Bar.” They’ve got a yummy selection of food that’s perfect for refueling after your snowy adventures. And wait for it – there’s more! Check out the small souvenir shop for cool stuff, like local goodies from honey to natural cosmetics. It’s like a winter paradise with a side of awesome treats in Lovinac. 

We Visited All Top Sledding Destinations in Croatia And – We Pick Platak!


Although each of these 4 top sledding destinations in Croatia has its advantages – we have to choose the best. This time we have to admit that Platak enjoys the position of one of the most famous ski resort for a reason. 

Platak offers everything for everyone. Ski slopes, tubing trails, DISC Golf playground, 200 kilometers of bicycle paaths, downhill and flow trails, and Mountaineering promenade, Sports and Children’s Playgrounds, Plus Barbecue Zones and Picnic Areas for Family and Friends. Who wouldn’t like it? 

But this is just our opinion – to make sure what the place is best for you – you will have to explore all 4. We invite you to visit our beautiful and discover the hidden beauty of its ski resorts and sledding. We will help you with that! 

Your CTC Team

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