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Best Beaches in Croatia – TOP 5 places on Dalmatian coast

Choosing the 5 Best Beaches in Croatia is nearly impossible. The sheer number of potential “candidates” is simply overwhelming. This is due to the exciting geology of the Croatian side of the Adriatic sea. Over a thousand islands and 1,777 km of the coastline, makes it hard to even count them all.
Best Beaches in Croatia
Best Beaches in Croatia

Nonetheless, we solved the problem.

First, you analyze years of feedback, coming from millions of those who are holidaying in Croatia. Then, add a bit of personal experience. Finally, we narrowed it down to the five best beaches in Croatia.

5 Best Beaches in Croatia

#1 – STINIVA, Island of Vis

It’s a hidden paradise, that’s what it is. When you approach the beach from the land, you simply need to take a moment to really start believing your eyes. Stiniva beach is the prime example of what nature can do when it feels creative.

Stiniva Beach, Island of Vis
Stiniva Beach, Island of Vis

Cliffs around the small cove where the beach lies block the view from the sea, making it completely invisible to the eyes of those on boats and ships. What you get in return is a unique feeling of isolation and utmost freedom. In other words, you are becoming one with nature on the most beautiful beach in Europe.

Island of Vis
Island of Vis
Yes, Stiniva beach was voted The Best Beach of Europe in 2016 by Telegraph. That’s one of the reasons why it’s on our list of 5 best beaches in Croatia.

How to find it

The Island of Vis is isolated from the rest of the archipelago and there are two main ways people get there. Take either a hydroplane (European Coastal Airlines) or a ferry (a catamaran is also available). Both depart from Split, the second largest city in Croatia, situated in the Central Dalmatia. Once you are on the island, ask how to get on the local road that connects villages Podšpilje and Plisko Polje. Stiniva beach is located south of that road. HINT: wear sneakers.

#2 – SAKARUN, Island of Dugi Otok

On the northwest side of Dugi Otok, the island in Central Dalmatia, off the coast of Zadar, lies Sakarun. An 800 meter long beach made completely of white sand. Relative isolation from the mainland, crystal clear blue seas, and dense pine forest around the edges of the sandy beach make it one of the best beaches in Croatia and the wider region. For parents, Sakarun is a paradise beach because it’s extremely shallow. Only 3.5 meters deep and 250 meters away from the shoreline. There are two restaurants that offer traditional, healthy Mediterranean food and refreshing, cold beverages. Combined with the shady forest in the background, it’s clear why so many people are choosing Sakarun.
Sakarun Beach, Island of Dugi Otok
Sakarun Beach, Island of Dugi Otok

How to get to Sakarun beach

You take the ferry from Zadar. Once on the island, either head directly to the beach following route 109. Or, if you find yourself in Božava, a small town on the island on the opposite side from the beach, take a tourist train that brings people on and off the beach every two hours.

#3 – Soline, Biograd na Moru

If you are not a fan of islands, however, this is the beach for you. Situated in Central Dalmatia, 35 kilometers southeast from Zadar, in the ancient, royal town of Biograd, Soline beach is the sandy paradise for singles, couples, and parents equally. First, it’s shallow, which makes it perfect for the kids and worrying parents. Second, the entire beach is surrounded by cafes and restaurants. Each serves great and fairly cheap food and beverages considering the fact that you are eating or drinking in your swimming suit, only 3 meters from the seafront. How about that? And, you can choose to roast on the sand, completely exposed to sun rays or to retreat in shade under the pine forest that surrounds the entire beach.
Soline Beach, Biograd na Moru
Soline Beach, Biograd na Moru

How to find Soline beach

Once you turn right from the main highway (Zadar to Šibenik) in Biograd, drive down to the center of the town. Turn left at the traffic lights and simply follow the road until you reach the beach entrance. It’s that simple. You’ll pass by some great camps, resorts and the town’s main beach, Draženica, that has an entire adrenaline park and a big, spiral water slide. These two beaches are connected by the wide seafront promenade.

#4 – ZLATNI RAT (Golden horn), island of Brač

If you want to feel like you’re on a tropical island in the middle of Europe, Zlatni Rat beach is your place.

A long stretch of a triangular-shaped land, covered with small, rounded gravel on the edges and dense pine forest in the middle, cuts far into the clear, blue sea.

Zlatni Rat Beach, island of Brač
Zlatni Rat Beach, island of Brač

From the sky, the cape takes a shape of the largest animal that has ever roamed this planet.

Zlatni Rat is the most famous beach of the Adriatic sea and surfers’ paradise during strong winds.

How to get to Zlatni Rat

The ferry from Split will take you to the town of Supetar on the north side of the Brač island, opposite from the beach itself. From there, head to Bol, a small town on the south side of the island where the beach is.

If you rent a vehicle on the island, follow route 113 to Gornji Humac. Turn right on the big crossroads and route 115 will take you directly to Bol. It’s going be a great ride once you get on the south side of the Brač island. The route is full of curves when you start nearing Bol but with the breathtaking sight of the sea.

#5 – SAPLUNARA, island of Mljet

The Saplunara Beach, island of Mljet
The Saplunara Beach, island of Mljet

Saplunara is the small village on the southeast tip of Mljet that is easily accessible by the road. The beach lies in the center of the double cape. Hence, it’s fully protected from the open sea by two stretches of land coming from both sides of a strangely formed cape. From the sky, it appears like someone carved out the big chunk of land in the center of the cape and made the beach.

How to get to the Saplunara beach

You take the ferry from the Papratno on the Pelješac peninsula. It will take you to Sobra, a small town on Mljet. From there, take route 120 that leads directly to the Saplunara village.

The Saplunara beach
The Saplunara beach
There are numerous lists with the best beaches in Croatia; all ifferent from the other. The five we listed here are, in our opinion, the top pick of the crops. They offer a unique holiday experience and should be on your list of places to see and experience when in Croatia. Have a great time and don’t forget to send us a picture or two and write a few words about your experience. The people around the world who are planning to visit Croatia will be grateful to see and hear your personal experience. See you in Croatia! Your CTC Team, I.K.
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