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Kiteboarding in Nin: Ideal beaches for this kind of adventure

Kiteboarding in Nin is one of the fun activities you can engage in if you decide to spend your summer in this Croatian city. The beautiful little Croatian town on the coast is known for its rich history – but in recent times it is a true paradise for all kiteboarding lovers. The sandy beaches that the Nin area can boast of are places where kiteboarders gather every summer, as well as complete beginners who have decided to embark on a new adventure.

Kiteboarding in Nin

A place that no kiteboarding fan will miss is definitely Kiteboarding Croatia near the city. Kiteboarding Croatia brings together a kiteboarding school for all those who are just planning to start practicing this discipline, equipment trade, equipment rental and repair.

The best place for kiteboarding in Nin are its most famous beaches

The Queen’s beach and Ninska laguna beach – these are the names of sandy beaches where you will not need swimming slippers. Enter the sea barefoot and you can immediately feel the softness of the sand under your feet!

Kiteboarding in Nin Queen's Beach
Queen's Beach

This summer we explored both beaches without even realizing that we would find so many kiteboarders on them. Given that we have never played this sport, we will have to admit that we did not know much about it. That’s why we visited Kiteboarding Croatia to find out what they have to offer.

To begin with – how would you define kiteboarding?

We got a very simple answer to that question, which is that it is a relatively new sport in which the terms are not clearly defined, so we can’t be wrong if we call it kiteboarding or kitesurfing. The difference between the terms can only be found if we look at where a person plays this sport; if you ride a kite on waves where you will use a directional board or a surfboard, it would be more correct to say kitesurfing, while for all other conditions where you are not surfing on waves, the more accurate name would be kiteboarding. The sport was created as a combination of several other sports when lovers of water skiing, windsurfing, surfing and paragliding wanted to do more at the same time. The closest thing to kiteboarding would probably be wakeboarding, where instead of a speedboat, a kite is always used to pull you along the sea.

Considering that we have never tried kiteboarding, we were most interested in what is taught at the basic level:

1) The person first familiarizes himself with safe wind directions and conditions for kite flying

2) Then one learns to recognize dangers

3) After that, you lear how to place a kite

4) It is necessary to know and use the security system

5) At first you don’t do anything by yourself, but with the help of an assistant you raise and lower the kite

6) Learn to return the kite and the bar to their original position

7) At the end, you land the kite on your own

We decided to try kiteboarding in Nin and we didn’t regret it. What we must note is that it seems much easier than it actually is. Of course, a lot depends on weather conditions, as we were taught, so it is very important to choose a suitable day for kiteboarding. Sailing on the surface of the sea while being pulled by the wind is not easy at all – it happened to us more than once that we ended up in the sea.

Kiteboarding in Croatia

Fortunately, that’s exactly why there are assistants who come to the rescue in case of unexpected accidents.

Queen’s beach and Ninska laguna beach are ideal places for kiteboarding precisely because they are very shallow beaches whose geographical location (lagoon) is protected from strong winds. The day we embarked on the adventure was not particularly sunny or too warm, and there was a light wind that ensured our successful learning.

Kiteboarding in Nin Ninska laguna beach
Ninska laguna beach

What you are most interested in is surely the question – Would we decide to try kiteboarding in Nin again? The answer is – definitely yes!

However, we’re pretty sure we’d need a few more hours to learn the beginner’s steps. Forced swimming, while funny at times, is ultimately not that much fun when your goal is to stay above water.

Nin's beaches are also a great place for families with children

If we leave adrenaline sports and trying new things for a moment and devote ourselves to a more peaceful vacation, we must also mention that these completely sandy beaches in Nin are actually ideal places for children. Given that these are beaches that are more than 10 kilometers long, the sea temperature is almost always high, and the beaches themselves are very shallow, your children will definitely enjoy swimming on them. What makes most parents especially happy is certainly the safety that comes with shallow sea and sand where there are no sea urchins and similar creatures that can cause injuries.

Ideal beaches for families
Ideal beaches for families

We took several friends to Nin this year (there were no children) and we had a great time every time they visited the beach. The activities we most often engaged in were beach volleyball and searching for shells. Given the size of the beach, we could spread out and make an improvised volleyball court so that we wouldn’t bother anyone. Queen’s beach, on the other hand, allowed us to fruitfully surface different types of shells. We found some of the shells in the sea itself, and some on the shore – although they were very small, they were no less beautiful.

The beaches of Nin once again proved to us that for good fun it is well worth going on vacation to Croatia!

Your CTC Team, A.M.

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