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Red Rocks, get to know one of the most beautiful beaches of Vir

Red Rocks on the island of Vir, a well-known tourist destination for Croats, are what fascinated us this summer. Given that we took our camera with us on vacation this year, we had the opportunity to capture magnificent scenes of this natural phenomenon.

If you happen to not know what Vir is and where it is located, don’t worry – we will explain everything to you in detail!

Red Rocks
Red Rocks

The island of Vir is located northwest of the town of Nin (if you have ever vacationed in Croatia, you are probably familiar with the story of Gregory of Nin and his golden toe) and is separated from the mainland near Privlaka by a shallow channel.

We visited the rocks during sunset

We’d be lying if we said we discovered this destination all by ourselves because we didn’t. Namely, we had the help of a friend from Zagreb who owns a house on Vir. As our friend has been involved in photography for many years, we asked her to surprise us and take us to her favorite place for photography. She didn’t think long, but immediately told us that we will definitely like the Red Rocks. Especially just before and during sunset – she was not wrong, as you can see for yourself!

Red Rocks Beach
Red Rocks Beach

After the delicious lunch she prepared for us, we headed towards the Red Rocks by car. The drive itself lasted maybe 15 minutes, and we parked the car in a wild parking lot since there was no official parking lot in the area. (You’ll love this because it means you won’t have to pay a dime for parking!)

Reflection of rocks in the sea
Reflection of rocks in the sea

We went to the rocks and their beaches on foot, and it only took us a few minutes to reach the first beach. What we must mention is that the terrain is quite hilly with many bumps, so you should not visit this area or this beach only in flip flops. Be sure to take sneakers with which you can walk on different surfaces. This time we were lucky that there weren’t many people on the otherwise more popular beach, so we could really enjoy the view of the surrounding nature.

Red Rocks2

Before we started documenting everything around us, we decided to quickly refresh ourselves in the sea. The first thing we noticed about this beach is that the sea is crystal clear, so it seems much shallower than it is. Another interesting fact is that when you cross the first 5 meters of the sea, you can no longer stand in the water, but if you swim just 2 meters further, you will be able to stand again. As for diving in this area, we have to say that this time we were not very lucky, so we surfaced only two shells.

Crystal clear sea
Crystal clear sea

Why are Red rocks called that?

According to the photos, it is quite clear why these rocks were given the name “Red”, but what you might not understand at first glance is that they are not actually stones or rocks at all, but earthen formations that resemble rocks. So, the Red Rocks are actually landforms. This red type of soil is created by the weathering of limestone and dolomite and forms its non-degradable residue, and is formed at the bottom of depressions, valleys and karst fields. Crvenica is a compact soil with little humus, it easily absorbs and retains water for a long time, which allows plants to survive on it during the dry, hot and long Mediterranean summer.

The land (and these rocks) got the name “red rocks” and “crvenica” because they contain iron and aluminum oxides, which give them a distinctive red color that you won’t find anywhere else in Croatia except on the coast.

Slow landslide of Red Rocks

As we decided to walk on the rocks after swimming, the first thing that our friend mentioned to us, and we noticed it ourselves, was that the rocks were crumbling. She warned us not to stand too close to the edge because the landslide could happen again and we could end up in the sea together with the earth. The further we walked, the more we noticed how often the land actually collapses. A friend told us that she hadn’t been to this place for at least a month and that she could really see changes in the environment – the land where she was standing until a few weeks ago was now much lower, and some parts even ended up in the sea. Although it may sound scary to you, what we must note and mention as a big plus of the Red Rocks is certainly the fact that they are always changing, so whenever you visit them you will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique scene that you may not see again if you visit them in a year. Therefore – take a photo!

Crumbled soil
Crumbled soil

What particularly amazed us was certainly the mentioned sunset on Red Rocks. It’s a sight you won’t see anywhere else. When the glowing setting sun shines on the rocks they look like they are on fire, and you wonder if it is smart to stand too close to them? Won’t they burn you?

Sunset on Red Rocks
Sunset on Red Rocks

Of course they won’t. In any case, the scene is truly enchanting and admirable. Also, another great advantage of visiting these beaches and rocks is certainly that there is no entrance fee or parking fee. This is about pure enjoyment of mother nature, and a visit to the place is ideal for those who want adventure and an active holiday that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Your CTC Team, A. M. 

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