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Šibenik beaches: Where to go?

Šibenik beaches are an attraction that you should definitely visit if you are vacationing in this old Croatian city or its surroundings. Although most visitors come to Šibenik to see the magnificent buildings and enjoy the Mediterranean culture, they will also be happy to swim in the sea on one of the nearby beaches. In order to make it easier for you to choose a beach, and therefore the choice of accommodation, we will introduce you to the beaches near the city of Šibenik where you can enjoy various activities.

Given that the city itself is located at the estuary of the Krka River, you should definitely not miss a visit to the Krka National Park, which will enchant you at any time of the year. Nature lovers will be especially delighted by the beauty of this magical river, and those who want to enjoy the clean air and the smell of the forest will also like it.

Šibenik beaches

This time we skipped the trip to Krka in order to be able to go to all the beaches we had planned to visit. Although the summer days are long, our task was quite demanding considering that we wanted to swim in every place, and our friends brought diving equipment.

Well, let’s go on an adventure!

The best Šibenik beaches

Before we describe each of the beaches, we must mention that what we particularly like about this part of the Croatian coast is that we had the opportunity to visit stone, pebble and sandy beaches. This turned out to be especially good considering that I really don’t like sandy beaches and I can’t enjoy swimming when the sand rises around me and gets into my bathing suit. On the other hand, most of my friends were particularly delighted with these kinds of beaches because they didn’t have to enter the sea with swimming slippers – all in all, the Šibenik area is rich in beaches that will satisfy everyone’s taste.

Šibenik beaches National Park KrkaŠibenik beaches National Park Krka
National Park Krka

Another good side of vacationing in this area is that, in addition to the Krka National Park, the cities of Zadar and Split are only an hour’s drive from Šibenik. Both cities are ideal stops for lovers of superb architecture and Mediterranean culture. Staying in this area will therefore allow you to visit several culturally and ecologically important locations.

Rezalište beach in Brodarica

This beach was at the top of our list because we got to it very quickly – it only took us 10 minutes by car from the center of Šibenik. Since we rented an apartment in the city itself, we first wanted to explore the nearest beach where we could potentially go swimming on those days when we don’t really feel like traveling too long.

Rezalište is a beach made of a mixture of stone and gravel, and its main advantage is its proximity to the city and the crystal clear sea – a sea where you can see everything that happens on its bottom. Given that we came to the beach with two cars, we were particularly happy that we saw a large parking lot only 10 meters from the beach (Thank God we won’t be driving around for hours looking for parking. And we won’t get fined for illegal parking what happened last year…).

Rezalište Beach in Brodarica Flickr
Rezalište Beach in Brodarica
Source: Flickr

As for the facilities on this beach – you can rent paddle boats, canoes, bananas, water tires, jet skis and wakeboards. As our group of friends includes people with different interests (and love for adrenaline sports), we split into two groups, so a few decided to rent a pedal boat for easy sailing, and the rest decided to go for a ride on a jet ski. At first I wasn’t sure what to choose, but I decided on a jet ski, which I had never tried before, considering that I rode pedal boats a billion times with my parents when I was a child. To say it was a crazy ride is an understatement! Absolute recommendation.

And so that you don’t think that the beach is intended only for young groups like us, I will tell you right away that there is an Aqua park nearby, which families with children will especially like. The beach is ideal for all those who want to try jet skiing and wakeboarding, but also for relaxing gatherings with the family.

The next Šibenik beach that conquered us was White Beach Amadria Park

Although it is a beach that is part of the tourist complex Amadria Park – everyone can swim on it. It is a beach where sand and gravel are mixed (again, not ideal for me personally, but an absolute hit for most of my friends). The turquoise blue sea is what first caught our eye, along with the possibility of renting sunbeds. Really wonderful scene!

Hrvatska net White Beach Amadria Park
White Beach Amadria Park

As the beach is right next to the resort, you can be sure that you will have access to food and drink at all times. We, of course, took advantage of these benefits, so we went to one of the restaurants and enjoyed a fantastic lunch. On the beach itself, there is an ethno village where traditional food is served – if you don’t live in Croatia and would like to taste local cuisine, definitely visit this place.

Solaris is an unmissable location for all environmental enthusiasts

What attracted us to this beach was precisely the fact that the beach has a Blue Flag. Now you’re wondering what the Blue Flag is. It is a recognition awarded by the International Ecological Brand to those beaches that meet the highest sea quality standards. So, we knew that this beach would enchant us with its cleanliness even before we approached it.

Šibenik beaches Camp Solaris Solaris Beach
Solaris Beach
Source: Camp Solaris

The beach is sandy and 6 kilometers from Šibenik. It is advertised as an ideal beach for family vacations because there is a children’s playground nearby. As for adult visitors – there is a mini golf course! We simply had to try this possibility. I can only conclude that it is an interesting activity that will relax your nerves.

The last beach we went to was the city beach Banj

Given that the day was coming to an end and we wanted to take advantage of the last rays of the sun, we decided to go to perhaps the most famous beach in Šibenik. Banj is actually a city beach that is only a 10-minute walk from the city center. When we were returning from Solaris beach, we decided to leave our cars at the apartment parking lot and walk to the Spa.

Bunj Beach
Banj Beach
Source: Taxi Šibenik

What we noticed right away was that we were greeted by a fitness park, a place for beach volleyball, basketball and water polo – a paradise for sports lovers! However, the highlight of Banj beach is the beautiful view of the old town, which we enjoyed walking along the beach. From this place we were offered a unique view of the Cathedral of St. Jakov and the fortress of St. Mihovil, two historical buildings under the protection of UNESCO. In any case, this beach is a real treat that should not be missed because it combines cultural heritage and vacation.

Finally - What did we like the most?

When we returned to the apartment in the evening and sat down to discuss the impressions, the opinions were different. If I had to say which beach received the most votes as “Best Šibenik beach”, it would probably be White Beach Amadria Park. The cleanliness of the sea and the proximity of various amenities combined with the fantastic food offer is something we would love to return to.

Your CTC Team, A. M.

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