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Basko Polje, camp in the shade of massive pine trees near Makarska

Basko Polje is perfect if you’re looking for a campsite to park your RV, mobile home or a tent. There is also a lot of natural shade. You will be absolutely mesmerized by the views it can offer so it is a destination worth  seeing.

Basko Polje Camp
Basko Polje Camp

Adjacent to a tourist spot, Baska Voda dominated by the private accommodations, Baško Polje is this vast stretch of land between the main highway and the coastline covered with dense pine forest. In other words, the only place where you can get sunburns is the beach. The rest of over 600 camping spots and bungalows is in the deep shade and pleasantly cold even during the hottest summer days.

How do we know this about Basko Polje and the camp itself?

The first time I’ve been there, in the summer of 1996, I couldn’t believe that vast emptiness of the place. You could walk back and forth through the camp and only occasionally stumble upon a fellow tourist. Still, the fact that our tent is just a few feet from the sea line but in deep shade nevertheless, strengthen our decision to come back the next year.
Unfortunately, it will be ten years before our paths meet again. And on that second occasion, this time with the mobile home, the entire experience was even better.


Baška voda
Baška voda

Because the twenty-something dumbass as I was back in 1996, decided to take a – and listen to this – “quick drive to Dubrovnik because it’s practically just around the second curve…after all, we all the way down in the south so it has to be close.”

Long story short, after driving 360 km in my red Honda Civic 1.6 16V (which was quite a racing car back then if you can believe that), we finally make it to the ancient town of Dubrovnik just to realize that there’s nobody else besides the three of us and a couple of Japanese who were taking – you’re guessing right – pictures.

Went back to Basko Polje that same day with the valuable lesson: don’t be a smartass; use the map.

However, on our second visit, in 2006, now four-strong, we decided to explore the nearby area to more details, including but not limited to Makarska, the municipal center of the Riviera.

The progress was beyond our wildest dreams. Things that were, were no longer and things that weren’t, were now central focal point – in the camp itself and all around us.

Baško Polje
Baško Polje

Last year, we went there again, me and misses alone. We figured, kids are all grown up and in their own world, so why not take this opportunity to park the tent a few feet from the sea line like we did back in 1996. Only, this time, we won’t venture to Dubrovnik no matter what.

Yeah, you would think that now forty-something, we would stick to our word. However, now we drive an air-conditioned car and the highway itself is improved beyond comprehension. Once treacherous and curvy road overloaded with trucks and buses is now this wide, new, and exciting road to freedom. So why the hell not. But before we set sails to another Game of Thrones shooting spot and memorabilia,

we spent exceptionally ten days in the camp Basko Polje, enjoying the sun, the shade and the warmest sea ever. A true R&R!

If that’s something you’re looking for and you don’t want to bother with online booking for one reason or another, give a call and we’ll do your bidding.

Rest assured, we’ll find that perfect spot just a few feet from the shoreline, right on the beach. But you have to act fast because those spots are first to go.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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