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Best Camps in Croatia: ACSI Awards 2023 Recognize Croatia’s Excellence

The ACSI Awards 2023 recognize the excellence of the best camps in Croatia, reaffirming it as one of Europe’s finest camping destinations. All that according to camper preferences. Voting for the ASCI Awards was conducted through various ASCI websites, collectively amassing a staggering 60 million views annually. 

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These websites contain comprehensive information on over 9,500 camps, making them invaluable resources for campers. In every country, voters had the opportunity to cast their ballots across different categories. This year, new categories such as “Best camp for children,” “Camp with the best sanitary facilities,” and “Best sports camp” were introduced, adding diversity to the awards. A grand total of 120 ASCI awards and 326 honorable mentions were bestowed upon the deserving camps. 

Ramon van Reine, the executive director of ASCI, emphasized, “Winning the ASCI award signifies that the camp is a guarantee for an unforgettable vacation. After all, it’s the campers themselves who make the choice.” ASCI’s websites and applications make it effortless for visitors to identify award-winning camps through filter options and special icons. 

In Croatia, the Zaton Holiday Resort camp clinched the title of the country’s best camp, earning the prestigious ASCI award and recognition. Here are the camp award winners by category: 

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  • Zaton Holiday Resort: Best rated camp
  • Camp Lavender: The camp with the best restaurant
  • Camp Bi-Village: Camp with the best location
  • Aminess Atea Camping Resort: The best-rated dog-friendly camp
  • Camp Polari: The best camp for children
  • Krk Premium Camping Resort: Camp with the best sanitary facilities
  • Wine camp Hažić: Best rated small camp
  • Camp Omišalj: Camp with the best pitches
  • Camp Čikat: The most popular camp for sports
  • Falkensteiner Premium Camping Zadar: The camp with the best pool 

ASCI Awards: Boosting Excellence in Croatian Camps and Tourism

Winning an ASCI Award is a mark of excellence and a prestigious accolade for Croatian camps. It signifies that these camps have met high standards in terms of facilities, services, and overall guest experience. This recognition can attract more visitors and increase the camp’s reputation. 

Camps that receive ASCI Awards can use this achievement as a powerful marketing tool. They can prominently display the award on their websites, brochures, and advertising materials. This recognition can help draw more tourists to Croatia, contributing to the country’s tourism revenue. 

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Award-winning camps gain a competitive edge over others in the industry. Travelers often rely on awards and reviews when making their accommodation choices. Therefore, being recognized by ASCI can lead to increased bookings and higher occupancy rates. 

To win these awards, camps need to continuously improve their facilities and services. This drives innovation and encourages camps to invest in upgrading amenities, infrastructure, and staff training. Ultimately, this benefits both campers and the tourism industry. 

The success of camps and the tourism industry has a ripple effect on the local economy. It creates jobs, stimulates local businesses, and supports the livelihoods of many individuals in the region. 

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The best camps in Croatia contribute to Croatia’s positive image as a tourist destination. Visitors who have a great experience at these camps are more likely to recommend Croatia to others, thereby promoting tourism on a broader scale. 

The ASCI Awards often take into account sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives. By rewarding camps that prioritize environmental responsibility, the awards encourage the adoption of sustainable practices within the tourism sector. And that is crucial for the long-term health of Croatia’s natural beauty. 

Best Camps in Croatia: A Versatile Delight for Families, Couples, Friends, and Foodies

Croatia boasts breathtaking natural landscapes, including pristine beaches along the Adriatic coast, lush national parks like Plitvice Lakes and Krka, and picturesque islands. Campers can immerse themselves in this stunning scenery, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and families looking to reconnect with the outdoors. 

Croatia offers a diverse range of camping options to suit different preferences. Beachside camps, forested areas, or campsites near cultural attractions –  you can find the perfect spot to set up your tent or park your caravan.


For families with kids, best camps in Croatia often feature family-friendly amenities. Among them – playgrounds, swimming pools, and organized activities for children. Many camps also have designated areas for family camping, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for kids. 

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Young couples and groups of friends can take advantage of Croatia’s adventure and sports offerings. Activities like hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and cycling are readily available, providing opportunities for active and adventurous experiences. 

Croatia’s rich history and culture are showcased through its historic towns, ancient ruins, and vibrant festivals. Camping near these sites allows travelers to explore Croatia’s cultural heritage and experience local traditions. 

Gastronomy lovers will appreciate Croatia’s diverse culinary scene. From fresh seafood along the coast to traditional dishes like Peka (slow-cooked meat and vegetables) and flavorful wines, Croatian cuisine offers a diverse array of culinary delights. Croatian campsites often have on-site restaurants or are located near local eateries, allowing campers to savor authentic Croatian cuisine

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Camping in Croatia can be budget-friendly, making it an attractive option for travelers seeking affordable yet memorable experiences. Campsites offer a range of price points, and self-catering options can help control food costs. Croatia’s stunning islands, like Hvar, Korčula, and Brač, are easily accessible by ferry. Camping on these islands provides a unique opportunity to explore their distinct charms and pristine beaches. 

Croatian people are known for their hospitality and friendliness. Campers often find themselves welcomed warmly by locals, enhancing the overall travel experience. Croatia is considered a safe and accessible destination for travelers of all kinds. The country’s well-developed infrastructure, including roads and campsite facilities, ensures a smooth and comfortable camping experience.  

Croatian Camping Excellence: ASCI Awards Inspire Unforgettable Adventures

The ASCI Awards are a resounding testament to the remarkable camping experiences awaiting travelers in Croatia. These awards, recognizing excellence, not only elevate the standards within the Croatian camping industry but beckon adventurers and families alike to explore the beauty of this coastal gem. 

With camps like the Zaton Holiday Resort, a haven for beach lovers, or Krk Premium Camping Resort, boasting pristine sanitary facilities, the choice is diverse and captivating. These accolades also extend their influence to the local and national economy, breathing life into communities and fostering sustainable tourism practices. As Croatia’s camps continue to innovate and refine, visitors are assured of unforgettable vacations, all set against the backdrop of Croatia’s natural splendor and warm hospitality. 

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