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Why is Dubrovnik the Ultimate Destination for Friends?

Ultimate Destination for Friends 5

Planning a trip with your friends and wondering where to go? Well, Dubrovnik is the ultimate destination for friends! This stunning coastal city in Croatia is perfect for group adventures. With its rich history, vibrant nightlife, and breathtaking views, Dubrovnik offers something for everyone, making it an ideal spot for creating unforgettable memories with your […]

The Walls of Ilok: They Are Opened!

Walls of Ilok 6

The walls of Ilok are a special part of its history, protected to keep their cultural importance. They’re the main focus of the Core project. The defensive belt we see today, with towers, half-towers, and connecting walls, is just a piece of the whole story. It all began in the 13th century and kept growing […]

Gospić: Where Legends Meet History in Croatia’s Heartland


Gospić is sitting on the western edge of a big karst area called the Lika field. It’s near Croatia’s biggest mountain, Velebit. It is a place where roads from north to south meet. Three rivers, Lika, Novčica, and Bogdanica, flow nearby. Gospić is important for business, government, religion, and culture in the Lika Senj County. […]

Delnice: A Tourist’s Guide to Tranquility and Adventure

Delnice 1

Delnice stands as the highest town in Croatia, perched at 698 meters. It’s surrounded by the hills of Drgomlje, Petehovac, and Japlenški vrh. The place has a mix of climates and plants, making it a great spot for tourists in both winter and summer. Delnice has more than just Risnjak National Park. There are hidden […]

Green Destinations Certification For Lika Destination Cluster

Green Destinations Certification For Lika 4

Green Destinations Certification for Lika means that this part of Croatia has been recognized as an exceptional and sustainable destination! The Certificate was awarded at the big tourism fair ITB in Berlin. This makes Lika Destination the biggest place in Croatia with this special certificate, covering three counties. The Green Destinations model is a super […]

A Closer Look at the Istrian Stonehenge

Istrian Stonehenge

Take a closer look at the architectural prowess and historical significance of the magnificent Istrian Stonehenge.  In ancient times, during the Bronze Age in Istria, people mostly lived on hillforts. These were elevated places where communities, big or small, made their homes. In Istria, there were about 400 of these town settlements, and around fifty […]

Umag: Exploring the Essence of Coastal Living


Explore Umag’s picturesque streets and discover a town that beautifully blends its coastal allure with a rich tapestry of diversity. With a quaint charm that extends through 45 kilometers of inviting coastline and an intriguing hinterland, Umag becomes a captivating microcosm of Istria. This small town offers a unique introduction to the distinct Mediterranean lifestyle, […]

20. Virkas: Best of Theatrical Performances in Virovitica

20. Virkas

For one whole month, Virovitica will be the center of attention for theater lovers. From Feb 9 to Mar 9, the Virovitica Theater is hosting its traditional event, Virovitica Theater Meetings – 20.Virkas. This special occasion, known as “20. Virkas,” is bringing 12 acclaimed plays from various well-known theater companies. They are coming from Croatia […]

Discover the Marvels of Lokvarsko Lake in Winter with Our Help

Lokvarsko Lake in Winter Source Boris Pintar 1

Lokvarsko Lake in winter gives a magnificent display of nature’s beauty. Peaceful serenity turns the area into a magical winter wonderland. Winter has finally arrived, and snow has covered many parts of Croatia. One place that gets the most snowflakes, as usual, is the lovely Gorski Kotar! Gorski Kotar is perfect if you want an […]

Dive into the Unforgettable Places of Moščenićka Draga

Moščenićka Draga 1

Mošćenička Draga used to be a small fishing village, but now it’s like a precious gem on the Opatija Riviera. There are about 1,500 people who live there. During the busy season, more than 2,500 visitors come to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You can stay in cozy private homes, two hotels (Marina and Mediteran) or […]

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