1. General information about cookies

Cookies are small files that contain letters and numbers that can be placed on your device when you visit a website or use the app. We use Cookies to enhance your experience on our platform by remembering your preferences. Without cookies, your experience on our platform will be less user-friendly.

2. Use cookies on these web pages

Cookies perform different functions, including easy navigation and save your settings to show relevant content and improve overall user experience. Cookies are used:

• Manage settings and improve certain features on our platform. This can include, for example, collecting data on the date and time of your visit
• To improve security measures and prevent fraud
• By analyzing the method of accessing our website, how the website is using its performance. We use the aforementioned information to maintain, manage and continually improve our services and user experiences.
• How We Can Provide Relevant Ads. Because cookies help regulate the ads that are shown to you and can measure their performance.

3. Examples of cookies we use

Session cookie – exists in temporary storage while a user browses and navigates through the site. It occurs when the date of its expiration is not specified when creating a cookie. Internet browsers usually delete a cookie when the user closes them.

Permanent cookies – as their name suggests, lastingly “surpasses” that session. If a cookie has its Max-Age setting set to 1 year, then within one year the server will send the original value to the cookie every time the user visits the server. This can be used to capture important pieces of information such as how the user originally came to the site. That is why tracking cookies are also called.

Third Party Cookies – Cookies so called. On the first page, cookies are set with the same domain (or subdomain) that is displayed on the web browser address bar. Third-party cookies are the opposite, they are set up with domains other than the one you can see in the address bar.

Website partners and analysis: For better understanding of how you use our website, we work with various analytics partners (Google and Facebook) so we allow you to use your cookies. For more information on how your search and analysis partners use your cookies, go to the following links:

1. Google
2. Facebook

Our platform also uses third-party plugins in the form of “I like” button on Facebook. With this button, we have easier access to our offers and information on the platform as a page for our company.

4. Block or disable cookies

Your internet browser will mostly provide information about cookie settings. The following links let you know how to reject, delete, or block cookies.

1. Google Chrome
2. Mozilla Firefox
3. Internet Explorer
4. Opera
5. Safari

5. Contact us
For more information, you can contact us via the contact on the CONTACT page


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