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Our dear explorers, travelers, and adventurers welcome to the center of your interest. What you have here is a real treat – the list and descriptions of the most attractive and most visited destinations in Croatia.


Choose among different places, beaches or ancient towns where you can enjoy exciting moments and collect wonderful memories in the country that is now one of the most visited in the world.


Our mission is to provide you with a unique experience and transform your imagination into reality with every single blog and recommendation. In the same time, you will get detailed information about the place of your interest.


You see, Croatia is organized in counties, 21 of them to be precise. However, we prefer to “split” it on nine major regions to make things easier for you.


It is our sincere belief that this more practical breakdown will best describe all those wonderful differences that make this country so special in the hearts of those who are frequently spending holidays here.


In case you are looking for a specific place, festival, beach or anything else in Croatia, just use the ‘Search’ form. For example, if you’ve already selected a destination about which you would like to know more, simply enter the keyword (the name of the place, event…) and you’ll get the quick access to all available information (if it exists in our database).


After you learn everything you wanted about it, you can book your unforgettable trip or let us help you with organization and selection.  Enjoy…

Destinations in Croatia:

Istrian peninsula or like many are calling it, “Magical Land”, is the Croatian Toscana, situated on the far

Dalmatian coast of the central part of the Adriatic coast is called the Pearl of Mediterranean and there’s a

How many times in your life do you get the opportunity to sail among more than a thousand pristine islands?

53 kilometers of breathtaking coastline in the foothill of Biokovo Mountain, a nature park that towers the

When a foreigner thinks about Croatia, the first association is Dubrovnik. Even though it’s geographically.

Croatia is far more than just beautiful sea, pristine islands and home of the famous movie sets.

The only European capital where you won’t feel like a stranger or even a tourist. Zagreb won’t just herd you

Croatian Zagorje is a hilly region separated from the country’s capital Zagreb by Medvednica mountain.

Eastern Croatia, also known as “Golden Slavonia” is the region known for its fertile land and forests. This is…

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