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Dalmatian coast of the central part of the Adriatic coast is called the Pearl of Mediterranean and there’s a perfectly good reason for that.

After you pass through Velebit mountain via the new, modern freeway tunnel, Sv. Rok, you will find yourself in, what can only be described as, the land from the fairytale.

dalmatian coast

A breathtaking blue sea, pristine national and nature parks, historical monuments and buildings that are home to some unlikely stories from the past, interesting and exciting destinations, island from dreams and pristine sandy beaches are just some of the things that make your head spin in disbelief.

But the “must see” of the Dalmatian coast is its cities and towns.

For example, the municipal center of Dalmatia, Split, the town under the Marjan mountain, is well-known for its rich cultural and historical heritage. One of the best-known monuments is The Palace of Diocletian, the famous Roman emperor, that he built as a summer house for his beloved woman. The Palace is under the UNESCO protection but opens for visits and explorations.

There’s also the unavoidable Zadar where, beside beautiful beaches and heritage, you can enjoy, according to legendary Alfred Hitchcock, in the best sunsets you’ll ever experience.

However, the Dalmatian coast is not just about adventure and exploration. There are those times when you just want to sit in one of those Mediterranean restaurants and indulge your cravings for some authentic and tasty food. And let us tell you, you won’t leave thirsty or hungry if you catch our drift!

So buckle up and enjoy our blogs that guide you through every step of your Croatian experience.

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