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SPLIT – Place of glorious architectural scenery and gourmet experiences

Split… The second largest city in Croatia, located in the Central Dalmatia, right on the Adriatic coast. The city also has a bustling port and ferry terminal, making it a gateway to many of the stunning islands in the Adriatic.


It is a fascinating city that combines history, culture, and natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Croatia.

Split - Place of glorious architectural scenery and gourmet experiences
Split - Place of glorious architectural scenery and gourmet experiences

Would you like to enjoy a macchiato or a late night dinner in a palace built by the Roman Emperor almost 2000 years ago? And then went on raving all night long at the city’s football stadium with 100,000 people from all around the world? It can only happen in Split.

Street in Old City Split
Street in Old City Split

Relaxing and enjoying yourself is the name of the game in Split

When I first arrived to Split, I could immediately sense the laidback nature of the atmosphere. Unlike other cities, people here are never on the run. They never rush. You won’t hear that annoying sound of a car horn if you don’t step on it at a yellow light. Everybody is patiently waiting, minding their own businesses. They are probably driving down to the seafront to have a nice, warm, foamy cappuccino with a friend. You won’t see them elbowing each other across the zebra crossing either in an effort to reach their final destination before everybody else. This is very different from that habit in the urban centers these days. In fact, you won’t see many cities where the long stretch of the seafront is packed with cafes. Cafes that are also full of people all day long, regardless of the season.

It’s beyond easy to get comfortable with this lifestyle and philosophy

Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that the center of everything in Split is right against the wall of the Diocletian’s Palace. It’s a breathtaking piece of history and ancient architecture, built around 300 AD by the great Roman Emperor.
The heart of Split. A long promenade along the Roman palace.

Sipping coffee or enjoying a healthy Mediterranean meal, knowing you are sitting in the same place where the mighty Emperor was once has an immediate effect on your state of mind. Being surrounded by some unexplainable calmness, you quickly forget about everything else. There’s only you and the clear, blue sea, just feet away.

And it doesn’t really matter that you are sitting among a couple of hundreds of people from all over the world. They all feel that same relaxing effect of the magnificent Temple of Jupiter. A radiating power that stands for two millennia right behind their backs.

For me, personally, that’s more than enough to keep coming back to this beautiful place.

But things are far from boring

For three days, every summer, the young crowd from all over the world congregates at the Split’s football stadium for a unique festival. The interesting fact is that all of them plan this trip at least a year in advance. And for a good reason.

Ultra Europe takes place here!

Miami-based electronic dance music behemoth, Ultra, has it’s European “incarnation,” as they put it on Lonely Planet, right here in Split.

Top DJ’s are creating this unbelievable orgasmic atmosphere for over 100,000 people in a trance like state. During these three days, the entire city of Split lives and breathes Ultra Europe.

Ultra is the European major electronic music event that takes place in an acoustic paradise of Poljud.

Why there and there alone? Because of the stadium’s unique architecture and location that enable one of a kind sound experience.

But what are they all doing in between or after the events, lunch breaks, suntanning, swims, surfing, sailing, and coffee time?

Visiting Daenerys’ dungeons, on the cascading streets of Meereen, and Bravos

Where did Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, lock her bloodthirsty, fire-spitting, flying pets to prevent further carnage around now liberated Meereen?

Cascading streets of Meereen, and Bravos
Cascading streets of Meereen, and Bravos

Underneath Split’s Diocletian Palace, in its dark catacombs.

Where ser Barristan and Unsullied fight the Sons of Harpy?

On the streets of that same Palace.

Where did Daenerys crucify Meereen’s notorious slave traders?

12 kilometers from Split, at Klis Fortress, built in the 2nd century AD, in close vicinity of Zrnovnica, the rally point of her mighty armies.

Hold on, it gets even better.

If it’s a hot, summer day and you feel that uncontrollable urge to refresh yourself in the same place where Grey Warm was left speechless after spotting Missandei bathing, you came to just the right place.

Fresh and full of energy, take a drive to Kaštel Gomilica on the outskirts of Split. You are, in fact, going to Bravos.

Yes, many of the seasons, namely 2 through 5, are filmed in Split and its surrounding areas. And its no wonder why. The landscape, the architecture, and the atmosphere provide with the uniquely effective set.

And when you start to feel a bit overwhelmed, just go sailing


After all, Split is the central Adriatic sailing hub. The marine is packed with sailboats waiting to take you on a tour around the islands. Experienced skippers know every hidden beach that can only be accessed by sea.

When you know that the Croatian Adriatic is home to a thousand islands, you can only imagine how many hideouts and secret places exist. And arguably the best place to start exploring is Split’s marina.

Sailing in Split
Sailing in Split

In my experience, Split is one of the rare cities that possess this unique balance of positive excitement and deep relaxation. A unique mixture that I haven’t felt anywhere else. And judging by the number of people who are returning to Split each year, hundreds of thousands are sharing in my opinion.

Come and join us in Split. The winter might be here right now but summer is right around the corner. So, be prepared and book your trip today!

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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