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Tribunj, a peaceful tradition of Mediterranean next to the wild nightlife

Tribunj is a place where wild nightlife and peace of Mediterranean meet and coexist. Its really a place for anyone. Spend your day surrounded by the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of Tribunj’s Mediterranean soul but then go party in Hacienda in adjacent Vodice. A perfect holiday mix, wouldn’t you agree?

Relax Time in Tribunj
Relax Time in Tribunj

Tribunj lies hidden from the eyes thanks to the famous neighbor

Vodice…after 8 p.m…super crowded. It’s even hard to find a free table to enjoy dinner. It seems like freakin’ everybody’s there. Bars are full, the line in front of the ice cream shop is like a mile long, and the irresistible aroma of a freshly baked pizza is coming from every direction making you even more anxious to grab a seat. On the other hand, if you wanna see and meet new people, that’s the place for you. Folks are arriving from every continent. Only penguins are missing. Or, if you wanna party all night long in the famous Hacienda club, that’s also the place for you.
Half of the club is within the enclosed space and the other half is at the open, on the very beach. A not so bad combo to spend a wild night surrounded by hundreds of crazy and sexy people who are dancing in ecstasy, isn’t it?

Although, a little hint before you park in front of the club right before 23 p.m. when they are opening their doors: buy a VIP ticket! Otherwise, you’ll struggle to order even the simplest drink. There’s a reason why they are offering them.

Nightlife in Vodice
Nightlife in Vodice

Vodice is this great, overcrowded little town during summer, packed with elite hotels, great beaches, and a hell of a nightclub.

And then, the total opposite. Adjacent to Vodice on the west side, there’s a small fishing town, Tribunj, a perfect Mediterranean oasis for a tired traveler exhausted from partying all night long.

Tribunj is bursting with the nostalgic for the old days on the Adriatic coast.

Party all Day Long
Party all Day Long
Sometimes it seems that the place didn’t change from medieval times. You can almost hear distant chatter and complaining of the old Ahabs who are struggling to sell their last night catch. Even when tourists come out at night, the atmosphere remains calm and silent. It’s only broken by the sounds of musicians who are entertaining guests in the restaurants and bars placed right along the shoreline in the old town.

Just a slow stroll among the stone building leaned on one another sends you to some old days, days without worry, days without stress, days of fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

City of Tribunj
City of Tribunj
And, if you enjoy quiet evenings with the dish full of fresh seafood and the glass of fine wine, Tribunj is your place. I should know since I’m holidaying in Tribunj for the past twenty years. So, if you need some inside information about the best logging, taverns that aren’t advertising themselves, the proven source of the fresh food, give us a call. I’ll personally see that you get everything you need. Your CTC Team, I.K.
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