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Zadar – City of 3000-year history and valuable cultural heritage

In Zadar, a coastal city in the Croatian region of Central Dalmatia, waves are creating an unlikely melody.
Zadar - City of 3000-year history and valuable cultural heritage
Zadar - City of 3000-year history and valuable cultural heritage
The old fortified town that was even housing Roman Emperors quickly became the destination of choice for all of those eager to hear nature’s own original symphony. What makes that possible is the modern marvel of sound engineering and architecture.
Zadar Sea Organ
Zadar Sea Organ

The Sea Organ in Zadar

On April 15, 2005, the world was introduced to the unique convergence of architecture and music. The experimental sound art object was ready to play its very first harmonic symphony. The Sea Organ in Zadar became an overnight sensation.

Unlike the traditional organs that we can see and hear in churches all over the world, the Sea Organ in Zadar is unique because of their maestro. Waves that are hitting the special tubes inside the marble stairs of  Zadar’s old town seafront are creating a symphony. In other words, nature itself is the virtuoso behind the relaxing and sometimes quite dramatic sounds.

The best part? It’s never the same symphony. Small variations in the power of waves are changing the notes. The chaos of the environment makes sure that you never hear the same concert twice.

Then, in 2008, Zadar, already known for its traditional Millenial Photo and Millenial Jump, went on building something even more amazing.

Monument to the Sun

The unique installation consisting of 300 multi-layered glass plates in the shape of a 22-meter diameter circle. And it’s just a couple of yards to the west from the famous Sea Organ.

Zadar - Monument to the Sun
Zadar - Monument to the Sun

Besides that, the main circular installation that represents the Sun, there are a series of smaller proportionally-placed installations that represent the planets of the solar system.

On its own, it wouldn’t be a spectacle. However, the photo-voltage solar modules beneath the glass bring everything to life. The lighting elements that goes on during nighttime are producing a spectacular light show. In fact, with the potential to produce more than 40,000 kWh annually, the entire project is a green power plant. It provides energy for the lighting of the half of entire old town waterfront in Zadar.

OK, these are peculiar marvels. But what else is in Zadar?

Why would you spend a week or two in Zadar? Connected with the rest of Europe with a new, modern freeway and two seaports. Zadar is the destination of choice for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Some of them arrive by sea, while some by plane. But most decide to drive to Zadar from Croatian’s capital, Zagreb. Driving on Europe’s most recently built freeways provides a one of a kind experience. Through it you can see the moment the azure sea of the Adriatic emerges from the horizon for the first time. Thus, it’s a no brainer why even the people who flew in Zagreb are known to rent a vehicle and drive all across Croatia. They inevitably stop on their route in Zadar.


When you think about a perfect vacation, you basically want to connect the unconnectable. To converge the simplicity of the traditions and the architecture of the past. All connected with the complexity and the fun of the modern. Zadar is one of those rare ancient coastal cities that endured all the difficulties and challenges to emerge even greater. As result, the modern city of Zadar now represents a perfect convergence of historical and modern ideas.
Zadar in the Night
Zadar in the Night
You can go from enjoying classics on the old town’s forum, right outside the cathedral, to clubbing with some of the most respected DJ’s in the world. From a romantic dinner on a wooden sailboat to the overwhelming experience of the Kornati archipelago from the deck of a modern cruiser.
Clubbing in Zadar
Clubbing in Zadar

Want adrenaline?

Pick your poison. First, scuba diving in the early morning around the ancient wrecks, some dating from before the first days of the Roman Empire. Then, cliffhanging in Paklenica canyon just a couple of miles from Zadar. Or maybe you are in for parachuting or kitesurfing? 

You name it, Zadar has it. Everything in the unforgettable ambient of Mediterranean.

Crystal clear blue seas where you can go on extreme fishing tours provides you with a rich supply of fresh seafood, a common source of food in this part of the world. As you know, the healthiest diet is the Mediterranean one. And Zadar is leading in this area.

Mediterranean Food Specialities
Mediterranean Food Specialities
A large number of restaurants cooking the Mediterranean diet specialties will surprise even the most sensitive and the most demanding palates. With a selection of fine wines that perfectly accompany the delicate nature of the seafood that will add that final touch to the overall experience.

But what might blow your mind more than anything else is  Zadar’s famous late night fiestas.

These street parties happen every Friday during the main season. Everything reaches the culmination at the Night of The Full Moon.
Zadar the Night of the Full Moon
Zadar the Night of the Full Moon

The seafront of Zadar’s old town turns into a romantic stage illuminated by hundreds of torches and candlelights. Decks of more than a dozen ships transform into marketplaces offering authentic homemade goods that go beyond just delicacies.


Turn around and you’ll see something peculiar at first.

Every bar or restaurant owner is changing into a traditional sailor’s outfit and is fireing up the barbeque.

Grilled sardines, homemade cheese in olive oil, and salted anchovies are arriving at every table for free. Thousands are sitting and enjoying cocktails listening to the live music playing in the corner of almost every terrace.

It’s the unforgettable atmosphere that serves as the intro for the crazy-active nightlife. A simple bar can suddenly turn into a raging stage. So, don’t be surprised if you see a famous face playing the guitar or raving all night long.

Zadar - Perfect Vacation Destination
Zadar - Perfect Vacation Destination

Because that’s Zadar. The convergence of everything that matters, the perfect vacation destination.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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