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When a foreigner thinks about Croatia, the first association is Dubrovnik riviera. Even though it’s geographically the part of coastal Croatia, we deliberately placed this ancient gem in a separate category. It’s due to its extremely rich history and world’s renowned name.

Situated in a bay at the very southeast tip of the country, Dubrovnik was a city-state in not so distant past. The town has reached a remarkable level of development, which is clearly seen by many remnants and architectural heritage.

Dubrovnik was also the cradle of Croatian language and literature. And it’s the central gathering place of poets, playwrights, artists, mathematicians, and physicists even to this day. It’s the town that takes away your heart from the moment you lay your eyes on it.

But maybe even the more important reason for you to visit this ancient fortified coastal town, besides its rich history, is the warm climate, beautiful beaches, and excellent traditional cuisine.
Dubrovnik riviera
What captures the eyes of anyone who arrives at the town are the City Walls that surround the town on all four sides. This monumental piece of masonry is protected by two towers, Minčeta and Kula Bokar, and two fortresses, Saint John and Lovrijenac.
With the total length of 1940 meters, City Walls, primarily built for protection and effective defense, are today the main city attraction.

But what’s inside these walls is what leaves people in awe. You just got to see and feel the vibes of the grand cathedral and Church of St. Vlaho. And the best way to experience all of that is to take a slow stroll on Dubrovnik riviera famous Stradun street that stretches through the center of this ancient fortified town.

While you are at it, consider visiting Rector’s Palace, one of the most important European monuments and reminder on skills and determination of the Middle Ages’ builders and masons. If you are interested in exploring this unique architecture, don’t miss numerous summer residences built during Renaissance.

Now, this is something we can’t seem to find consensus about. Should you climb to the top of Srđ hill and experience Dubrovnik from the bird’s perspective or should you save that for the last?

Even many of Game of Thrones fans that are arriving in Dubrovnik daily throughout the year can’t decide which option is better. Yes, the now famous King’s Landing is, in fact, the ancient town of Dubrovnik, in case you were unaware.

We could go on like this for days and weeks, but the important thing for you to understand is that hardly any place on this planet offers such an amazing array of notable and attractive sights. Therefore, allocate a few days to explore this truly magical town.

And for that experience to be even better, we recommend that you opt in for our direct guidance and assistance.

Who’s better than people who practically live there, right?

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