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DUBROVNIK – Hidden paradise of royals and celebrities hot spot

Dubrovnik. The Old town, located on the picturesque Croatian coast, is a top destination for millions of tourists every summer. Among these visitors are numerous celebrities, adding to the city’s allure and popularity.

In 2011, DailyMail’s reporter, Polly Humphris, following the paths of celebrities such as Ashley Judd, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and many others, wrote from her room in Dubrovnik’s Hilton Imperial Hotel:

“With the astonishingly beautiful views across the city and out into the Adriatic that my balcony afforded, the last place I was looking was at the TV.”

Dubrovnik Old Town
Dubrovnik Old Town

There are countless destinations around the world that offer breathtaking scenery, rich cultural experiences, and endless opportunities for adventure. However, not all of them have the ability to captivate the attention of even the youngest travelers and prevent them from being glued to their screens all day.


Yet, there are a select few destinations that have the power to do just that – to transport visitors to a world where the beauty of the natural surroundings and the richness of the local culture are so engaging that electronic devices become an afterthought.

Dubrovnik is where celebrities congregate year round

Tom Cruise, dubrovnik
Tom Cruise

She couldn’t believe that just a day before, the same waiter has been serving two Hollywood legends. Tom Cruise and Owen Wilson, who were having lunch at that same table. The place, of course, is Gil’s, Dubrovnik’s chic hang-out on the waterfront.

At Gil’s, it’s almost impossible to not see someone from the top 100 famous people in the world today.

But, for the waiter, Dubrovnik’s residents, and regular visitors, sitting beside a celebrity is a normal event. And it seems that celebs have had a thing for Dubrovnik since the medieval times.

When he was returning from the Third Crusade, Richard the Lionheart accidentally crashed his boat on the island of Lokrum. Grateful for surviving the devastating crash, he built the local Cathedral, according to the legend.

Unlike Hollywood, where you can only see the famous actor in film, in Dubrovnik things are different. It’s not a vacation hideout celebs are using to get away from the crowd. It’s quite the opposite actually.

Beyonce and Jay Z in Dubrovnik
Beyonce and Jay Z in Dubrovnik

There’s some unexplainable energy you feel every time you walk through the Pile Gate, Dubrovnik Old Town’s main entrance. In use since 1537, it leads to Stradun, the ancient main street originating from the early days of the 13th century. You get an overwhelming sensation that makes you forget about everything else. And no one seems to be immune to that effect, not even the celebs.

In case you didn’t know:

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik, has been repeatedly listed as one of the World’s Top Travel Destinations by renowned magazines and specialized media outlets such as New York Times, The Telegraph, Trip Advisor, and Lonely Planet.

Take a seat in one of the trendy restaurants with Michelin-trained chefs and just wait for it. Next time you turn around, you’ll come face to face with Bono Vox, Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Ricky Martin, Black Eyed Peas, Nicole Scherzinger, Ivanka Trump, Sergio Ramos, or John Malkovich, the good old Dubrovnik’s friend.


It’s even hard to name a famous person that hasn’t spent their holidays in Dubrovnik. So who knows, maybe you’ll have a nice chat with the Arabian prince at his yacht after stumbling upon him in the hotel’s doorway. Love and romance are simply everywhere you turn.

But how do you get to Dubrovnik? Where is Dubrovnik exactly?

At the southeast tip of Croatia. Almost in the center of the world. Right down at the southern tip of the Adriatic, where the sea remains warm even during the late autumn days of the northern hemisphere. Standing there, in its glory, from the 13th century onward, Dubrovnik has been a mighty witness of changing times and the evolution of human society.

Sunset in Dubrovnik
Sunset in Dubrovnik

From the medieval traders, kings and queens, to modern-day’ luxury cruisers and private yachts of the billionaires like the one of Roman Abramovich, Dubrovnik has seen it all. Not even the world’s greatest wars managed to shake this magnificent stone town overseeing the entrance to the Adriatic Sea.

No wonder everybody wants to come to Dubrovnik…

How to get to Dubrovnik?

The best way is certainly by plane and there are a couple of reasons for that.

Dubrovnik airport is a modern, state of the art facility, built most recently on the outskirts of the ancient fortified town of Dubrovnik. The old one simply couldn’t withstand such a high volume of daily traffic all year long.

Capable of handling the large volume of flights, day and night, the new Dubrovnik airport connects the town with virtually every corner of the world. And from there, numerous taxi services, suitable for individuals, pairs, and groups, will transport you to your chosen hotel or apartment in the shortest time.


James Bond will fly in soon

In case you didn’t know:

The famous “King’s Landing” is actually the Old Town Dubrovnik.

Kings Landing Dubrovnik
Kings Landing Dubrovnik

Just like thousands from across the globe wanting to visit the sites where the new “Robin Hood: Origins” was being filmed. It was the most ambitious and biggest Hollywood project produced in Croatia to date. And they were all rushing in to meet an impressive list of Hollywood stars, including Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan, Taron Egerton and Eve Hewson.

And this is why planes beat leased cars. The taxi driver knows exactly where to take you so you will not waste any time searching!

Once you scout all the sights and see what it’s like to sit on the Iron Throne, upon which the King of the Andals and the First Men sits, you might be wondering about what to do in Dubrovnik?

What to do in Dubrovnik, the only UNESCO World Heritage Site that converges archaeological and modern, traditional and trendy?

Start differently than all the others. Instead of hitting the old town’s center and massive walls first, tell your taxi driver to take you to Dubrovnik Cable Car.
Dubrovnik Cable Car
Dubrovnik Cable Car

Experience the best views of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area from the top of the Srđ Hill. On a clear day, you can see up to 60 km (37 miles). It’s the reason why the Imperial Fortress was strategically built up there, in the early 19th century.

Nothing else gives you such a fantastic view on the old town.

And while you are up there, breathing the aerosol picked up by the refreshing breeze, from the clearest sea in the world, plan your next step. Trust us, that should definitely be the slow stroll on the famous town’s walls, the impenetrable barrier for many who tried to conquer this rare historical and archaeological gem. None of them succeeded which left the town virtually intact for you to experience.

When the night falls, and when you think that you don’t have any energy left in your body, just pick the restaurant where you’ve spotted a Hollywood or a rock star, and let your senses enjoy the finest Mediterranean cuisine. After that, join us in a cocktail bar nearby. We’ll be there. Along with everybody that counts for something in this world. It’s not long since we had an exciting debate about beers with Bill Gates, right here in Dubrovnik.

Your CTC Team, I.K. 

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