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Slano: If you are looking for a relaxing holiday on the coast…go here!

Slano is your targeted destination if you want to take tour in Dubrovnik but you don’t want to spend a little fortune on accommodation. You can have the best from both kinds of a holiday – the dynamics and madness of the masses and the peaceful getaway afterward at acceptable prices.

Slano - a Little Piece of Paradise
Slano - a Little Piece of Paradise

Where is Slano exactly?

Slano is located just 25 miles northwest from Dubrovnik. This is an old town, hidden at the edge of a beautiful bay which protects the settlement from elements.

The vicinity of Dubrovnik makes Slano a part of the wider Dubrovnik Riviera. However, unlike other coastal towns nearby, that very bay is what differentiates Slano. A number of beaches with a lot of shade give the necessary protection from the unforgiving Croatian summer sun.

Anything more to do than just tanning?

There’s a number of interesting landmarks to explore since Slano is a quite old settlement. For instance, you can visit the remnants of the ancient town up in the hills or see how royalties were living by exploring the duke’s palace.

Slano City
Slano City

But, besides the usual activities on the sea, there’s not much Slano is offering because it is, after all, positioned as a quiet and relaxing place to spend a week or so, whether you’re arriving by land or by sea.

Slano - What’s the predominant type of accommodation?

This might come as a surprise to you but Slano has only one single hotel. It’s a small town so apartments prevail just like it’s the case with the bulk of similar small settlements along the coast and on the islands.
But that’s not always a bad thing.

Slano from Above
Slano from Above

The result is a less crowded place where you don’t have to squeeze like a damn sardine on the beach or rush early in the morning to reserve the spot. Given the number of beaches and the fact that the town and surrounding area isn’t overcrowded, you will have no problem to settle under the deep shade and enjoy your day just a few feet from the clearest sea on the planet.

Is Slano near A-1 motorway?

The last exit of A-1 (currently one of the newest and most modern EU motorways), at this point, is about 30 miles from Slano. So you can say that this small ancient settlement, all the way down on the south is connected to the rest of Europe via main European motorways (E65 in this case).
A1 Motorway to Slano
A1 Motorway to Slano
However, since the construction of the Pelješac bridge is still ongoing, you have to prep your passport because you’ll be crossing the border – twice. There’s this narrow stretch of the land around the town of Neum that is the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
That’s the reason why Croatia, with massive help from the EU, is building the bridge. It’s will circumvent the Bosnian territory and speed up the traffic. In other words, no more border crossing and possible jams
Sunset at Slano

Now, if you need some direct assistance with planning your trip and accommodation or organizing tours and excursions, give us a call and we’ll do your bidding. We’ll make sure that you have a hassle-free holiday. After all, we are here, in Croatia, close to your targeted destination.

Expecting your call. 

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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