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Istria peninsula or like many are calling it, “Magical Land”, is the Croatian Toscana, situated on the far northwest of the Croatian coastline. But what makes it so special?

Besides the Mediterranean climate, breathtaking landscapes, forested regions on one side and pristine beaches on the other, there is this rich cultural and historical heritage that reaches far back into time.

For example, there’s this small town on the Istria peninsula coast where Casanova seduced the young daughter of a local aristocrat. Her father became so angry that he called for his immediate ban. Poor Casanova barely escaped the public lynching.

To this day, people are visiting the stone stairs where Casanova, allegedly, seduced that young and innocent girl because they believe that it radiates some invisible energy that makes people fall in love with one another. So be careful where you’re standing. Just saying.

However, there’s something else Istria is famous for. Rich and diversified cuisine and selection of fine wines.
Every dish will provide you with that unique sensation. From Istrian famous truffles with shrimps, first-class fish with vegetables, to mandatory Istrian Malvasia, their authentic wine. And that’s just the glimpse of everything that is waiting for you on every menu, whether you’re staying in a hotel or in some private accommodation a bit further inland.

Rovinj - Istria peninsula

The largest town in Istria is Pula, known for the ancient Roman arena, to this day the best-conserved amphitheater. If you prefer ancient Roman architecture, Golden Gates and Forum in the town’s center is something you just have to see.

For couples in love, the destination of choice should be a small, ancient, coastal town of Rovinj, otherwise known as the Town of Love. Many couples found out why it’s called like that.
There’s also Poreč, Rabac, and lots of small towns on the coast and inland including the World’s smallest town.
Brijuni - Istria Peninsula
Nacional park Brijuni - Istria Peninsula
Brijuni National Park with its wildlife and large open spaces is the perfect place for some R&R. However, in the past few years, an increasing number of visitors is opting for a holiday further inland, in mostly unexplored and relatively unknown hidden gems of the Istrian peninsula.
With a growing number of small, specialized, family-owned accommodations located in pristine wilderness, this option is quickly becoming the choice for all of those who are looking for a convenient way to “reconnect with nature”.
Besides, you can check for yourself. Explore some more and we are confident that you’ll soon pick your preferred destination.

If you need some assistance, contact us. Tell us more about your wishes and expectations and we’ll suggest the most suitable destinations.

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