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Opatija – Dance waltz in the summer residence of European aristocracy

In Opatija – so called residence of European aristocracy , you have an opportunity to waltz with the heir of the House of Habsburg? By the way, we are talking about the direct descendant of Empress Elizabeth of Austria. She was the consort Queen of Hungary, Bohemia, Dalmatia, and Croatia. You may know her as Queen Sissy.
Opatija - Town on the northeast tip of the Istrian peninsula
Opatija - Town on the northeast tip of the Istrian peninsula

Opatija, residence of European aristocracy where that waltz may happen, is a holiday destination of elegance and style

It’s a town on the northeast tip of the Istrian peninsula, 15 kilometres from the Croatian third largest city, Rijeka. And it’s also known as “Old Dame” or “Pearl of Adriatic.”

Welcome to the Gala Viennese Ball in Opatija

Each year, the European aristocracy attend the Vienna Week in Opatija. It’s a series of events that revolve around the royal heritage of the town. The culmination is the magnificent gala Viennese Ball in the Crystal Hall of the Hotel Kvarner.
OPATIJA Dance Waltz with Royals
Dance Waltz with Royals in Opatija

There, tourists meet the royal descendants, heirs, ambassadors, the economic and political elite. Of course, the whole event cannot go without celebrities. So, when the music starts, they all dance together to the rhythm of the waltz.

Everything is enriched with the gala dinner in a royal fashion while the orchestra is playing on Schubert’s, Hyden’s and Mozart’s notes.

The whole experience feels almost surreal. Like you went back in time some long forgotten, romantic era.

History and elegance is every step of the way

Opatija as residence of European aristocracy is a living reminder of the times when the mighty Austro-Hungarian court was ruling Europe.

The architecture and  culture remaine virtually intact throughout time. Even today, you can take a rest on the very deck where the aristocratic elite of those times had been sipping their wines and cognacs while enjoying the crystal clear, blue sea of the Kvarner Bay.
Opatija From the Air
Opatija From the Air
Parks in Opatija
Parks in Opatija
Accommodation in Opatija
Accommodation in Opatija
It connects the entire Riviera. The promenade stretches from the municipal centre, Opatija, on the northeast corner of the Istrian peninsula, all the way down. Down to the picturesque towns of Volosko, Ika, Ičići, Lovran, Medveja and Mošćenička Draga. Kilometers of enjoyable walking or trekking along the blue sea in a warm Mediterranean climate.

Beautiful architecture of elegant villas surrounded by lavish parks and gardens on one side and the sea on the other, most definitely make Opatija’s Lungo Mare one of the most astonishing promenades on the planet. No wonder royals chose it for their summer retreat.

By the way, if you follow the sea line of the Istrian peninsula, you’ll find yourself on the sand of the ancient gladiator arena. For centuries, it was entertaining both patricians and plebeians.

Long wellness tradition of Opatija

It wasn’t rare in the past for the doctor to prescribe a couple of days in Opatija as a cure for all variety of illnesses; both physical and mental.
World Class Wellness in Opatija
World Class Wellness in Opatija

The mild climate of the Mediterranean make even the winters pleasant. The warmth of the sea. Opatija’s proximity to all major influential centers of Europe. All set the foundations for the very first fashionable wellness center on this side of the Adriatic coast.

Today, Opatija and the rest of Riviera are known for their world-class wellness

There is no hotel that doesn’t provide a wide range of wellness packages for healthy holidays. The renowned quality of the service attracts people from all around Europe. Everyday people, celebs, and world-class athletes are all rushing to Opatija. Just to get away from their stressful environments and recharge.

The right ingredients for the perfect recipe

Combination of historical heritage, elegance, position, Mediterranean climate, and long tradition. That’s what makes Opatija, and Riviera respectively, the number one choice for all of those who are searching for sure way to destress and enjoy the moment.

Historical Heritage and History in the Opatija
Historical Heritage and History in the Opatija
If you ever get a desire to jump to a time machine and travel in some past, more romantic time. If you want to get to the place where kings and queens were enjoying swimming, suntanning and glamorous parties. Rest assured, Opatija is that place and time.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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