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Picturesque Rovinj, a special place that you will always return to

Picturesque Rovinj… small stone houses and the church up on the hill, all surrounded by the mighty and breathtaking Adriatic sea. That is the picture that you will always carry in your heart if you visit this town. Welcome to Rovinj, one of the most picturesque towns in Croatia! Rovinj is settled in the western part of the greatest Croatian peninsula Istria in the north Adriatic Sea. Today, it is a very important and interesting touristic destination and it’s also a major fishing port. Many emperors and rulers have changed their crowns on the ground of this very town – Venetians, Illyrians, Byzantines, Franks, Austrians, and so on, but it seems they all left little something, the best part they had and it is visible in every corner. When you visit this town, you will completely understand why so many emperors wanted it for themselves.
The Old Town of Rovinj
The Old Town of Rovinj

This is the unique place full of charm that will always call you to return.

Today, you can come by all means of transportation and it is really good to know that there is a speed ferry link between Rovinj and Venice in Italy!

Picturesque Rovinj – outstanding scenic wonder

The town has more than ten hours of sunshine during the summer months and sun rays are what makes it wonderful. The sunsets in Rovinj are amongst one of the most beautiful that you will see in your life. Why? Because the sun shines all across the sea and islets in Rovinj archipelago covered with oak and pine trees. All this mix in a unique way, making unforgettable pictures, fire in the sky and in the sea.
In the past, the old center of Rovinj was standing on the island because it was separated from the mainland by the channel. However, later, this channel was filled and today this part is actually a peninsula. Altogether there are 22 islands and islets in Rovinj archipelago and they have been described as outstanding scenic wonders because of their pure beauty. On one of the islands, called Two Sisters, is a natural nesting place for seagulls. Moreover, this island is known by the very thick oak forest, which is a natural forest reserve.

You must climb St Euphemia Church tower!

Why? Because the view is simply unforgettable. Rovinj sunsets are even more breathtaking when you’re standing and watching from this monumental building!
St. Euphemia Tower
St. Euphemia Tower

Of course, first, you have to sightsee the church itself. It was built in the 18th century and it offers important and unique statues, altars, pictures. For example, we recommend you to see the statue of St. Euphemia. This is the patron saint of the town of Rovinj and it dates in the far, far 15th century. It is the stone statue rich in marble and behind it, there is a sarcophagus where relics of St. Euphemia are kept.

An interesting fact is that the tower was built about 70 years before the church itself. And the other interesting fact that will surely astonish you is that the tower itself is actually a replica of the bell tower of the St. Marc church in Venice in Italy! Moreover, there is a small statue of St. Euphemia placed on the bearings on the top of the tower so it changes position depending on the wind.

The Main Altar - St. Euphemia Church
The Main Altar - St. Euphemia Church

The tower of St. Euphemia church in Rovinj is 61 meters high and besides the fact it offers a great view on the surrounding area,when the weather is clear and bright, one can see the Alps from it!

Narrow streets are waiting for you in picturesque Rovinj

You will find plenty of things just walking through Rovinj streets – numerous shops, restaurants, cafe bars, museums, gallery exhibitions, bakeries, kids playgrounds, cinema… Don’t forget to visit green market settled on the shore, close to the sea, and try domestic olive oils and other traditional organic homegrown vegetables, fruits and homemade products. For example, this town is settled in Istria, and this area is one of the best-known truffles sites in Croatia.
Rovinj by Night
Rovinj by Night

Rovinj is the second greatest touristic destination in Croatia and if you decide to visit it just for a day or for a week, you will understand why is that so. And you will also understand why your mind is frequently taking you back to the narrow streets of Rovinj – over and over again…

Your CTC Team, N.LJ.J.

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