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ROVINJ – Explore the beauty of Mediterranean as it once was

Emotional. That’s how you’d describe Rovinj after experiencing this romantic capital of the Mediterranean; the known muse of artists. Your whole body gets immediately caught in this unimaginable rollercoaster of different sensations. The energy that surrounds you is almost surreal.

Rovinj - Beauty of Mediterranean as it once was
Rovinj - Beauty of Mediterranean as it once was

It’s the soul of Rovinj. And it creates an incredibely deep impression.

A small charter boat gently turned right, unveiling the unforgettable scenery. The eyes are immediately catching a group of small, green islands, emerging from the blue sea, one after another. Two minutes later, as we were passing the islands from the west, a large, open stretch of land that cuts deep into the blue waters of the Adriatic emerged in the background.

Beach in Rovinj
Beach in Rovinj

The skipper slowly decreased the speed to navigate through the network of speedboats and jet skis that were slicing through the surface of the sea, creating small, white waves all around us. The famous Golden Cape Beach that surrounds the peninsula appeared as one giant resting area, full of beach sleepers who are using every second to soak up the sun. Kids playing in the shallows are watching the elaborate play of sailboats that are exploiting the winds blowing from the southeast.

A young kitesurfer waved from high above the right in the moment when the town of Rovinj, our final destination, revealed itself in the distance.

Traveling through time in Rovinj

A local, middle-aged man, wearing a traditional T-shirt common for sailors throughout the centuries and short, summer pants, greeted us and helped every person from the boat.

A then one, single step forward.

The strange energy suddenly overwhelms every atom of your body and you feel the instant connection with the traditional Mediterranean surroundings and architecture.

Traditional Mediterranean Architecture
Traditional Mediterranean Architecture

Narrow streets and connected 2-story houses, completely built by hand-carved stone blocks hundreds of years ago that are stubbornly resisting the elements are taking you back into some sort of past time. The time of fishermen and sailing ships. The time without smartphones, iPads, and corporative stress.


The taste of the Mediterranean

As you are slowly strolling through the old town of Rovinj, the aroma coming from the small, family-owned restaurant, discretely placed inside one of the houses becomes simply irresistible. The owner just placed the mixture of the fresh seafood on the barbecue. Shrimps, different kinds of fish, seashells. It’s hard to choose. So, we are asking if he could mix it all up on a tray. “Of course,” he says, “Please, make yourself comfortable.”

A young waitress is rushing to greet us with a shot of the homemade figs liquor and salty sardines soaked in a famous Istrian olive oil. A proper appetizer before the main course.

Sardines - Traditional Food on Dalmatian Coast
Sardines - Traditional Food on Dalmatian Coast
And it all comes at just the right moment, to tell you the truth. Two hours of cruising along the coast of Istria makes you hungry and what is better than a traditional Mediterranean feast. Healthy and above all, unbelievably tasty. Two hours later, with bellies full, we are on our way to the hotel. The sheer amount of food that you couldn’t resist simply asks for the comfort of a bed. And that bed is inside an air-conditioned room with a balcony overseeing the old town. Necessary recuperation before the inevitable evening cycling along the coast and late-night dinner in one of the coastal restaurants.

Going for the panoramic view the day after

Not many ancient coastal towns provide with such an amazing opportunity to climb on the top of the church’s tower to get a complete 360° view.
View from the tower of St. Euphemia Church in Rovinj

The Tower of St. Euphemia’s Church that is dominating the shield-shaped old town of Rovinj is a must see for everyone that comes here. True, you can windsurf for 15 minutes but why not enjoy the pleasures of both experiences?

Diving deep into the clearest sea of Europe

The instructor is waiting for us as we are approaching the harbor after admiring the view from the top of the church’s tower. It’s time to go under. The boat is ready. Ten scuba divers, already in their suits, are checking their equipment.

We are joining them in preparations for a unique diving experience – an exploration of the wreck Baron Gautsch. A famous shipwreck that mysteriously sank hundreds of years ago and is now resting at the bottom of the Adriatic sea just clicks away from Rovinj.  Who knows, maybe we will finally resolve the century-old mystery behind its tragic destiny.

However, we can’t take long. Because we have scheduled a day filled with activities.

Setting the sails – exploring the hidden Rovinj

Before lunch, we are going to set sails through Rovinj’s archipelago and explore the hidden beaches. And later, after the afternoon nap, we are going on a boat trip to Lim Fjord. With dolphins following us along the way. There’s much to experience before the unforgettable late-night fiesta at the old town.

Sailing in Rovinj
Sailing in Rovinj

It’s hard to say goodbye

No matter how many times you come to Rovinj, one thing will stay the same. You are going to have a hard time leaving this unique gem of the Mediterranean. Many who came to Rovinj just once decide to move here. Most of them settle on the quiet and isolated outskirts. Just to be close to the old town. To stay connected with its soul.


So prepare yourself because leaving Rovinj is never an easy thing to do. You will be coming back, time after time.


Your CTC Team, I.K.

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