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Umag: Exploring the Essence of Coastal Living

Explore Umag’s picturesque streets and discover a town that beautifully blends its coastal allure with a rich tapestry of diversity. With a quaint charm that extends through 45 kilometers of inviting coastline and an intriguing hinterland, Umag becomes a captivating microcosm of Istria. This small town offers a unique introduction to the distinct Mediterranean lifestyle, inviting visitors to savor the warmth of its community, the bounty of its offerings, and the essence of a different, delightful coastal experience. 


Journey through History at the Museum of the City

Umag is a beautiful seaside town that warmly welcomes visitors from Western Europe. It serves as the entrance to the heart-shaped Istrian peninsula and boasts a population of just 13,000 people. The town’s rich past is on display at the Museum of the City of Umag, housed in a medieval tower known as the bishop’s palace. 

This tower, built in the early 14th century, played a crucial role in defending the city from sea attacks and stands as Umag’s oldest historical building still in use. The museum itself was established in 1976, initially featuring a small collection of stone monuments and occasional gallery exhibitions. In 1996, archaeologist Narcisa Bolšec Ferri’s private archaeological collection, known as Cigui-Fachin, was acquired, marking a significant turning point for the museum. 


Under Bolšec Ferri’s guidance and the motto “Lux in tenebris” (light in the darkness), the museum evolved its character. Intensive research and exhibition activities followed, leading to the creation of an independent institution, the Museum of the City of Umag. Today, the museum, located at the tip of the small peninsula where the old town rests, is a hub of quality leadership. It conducts archaeological and historical art research, organizes art exhibitions, lectures, and workshops, and hosts a variety of historical and archaeological exhibitions.  


The first floor of the bishop’s palace showcases art and historical or archaeological exhibitions, while the second floor houses the permanent collection. Here, visitors can explore old epigraphs on tombstones, coats of arms of Venetian rulers, and artifacts related to famous Umag families, providing a fascinating glimpse into the town’s rich heritage. 

Humagum Park

Don’t miss out on Humagum Park when you visit Umag – it’s a lovely spot for both kids and grown-ups. This park is a great place to unwind and have fun, surrounded by native plants from Istria and the Mediterranean. It’s easy to find since it’s part of the Umag coastal promenade – just take a stroll through the famous parts of Umag, and you’ll discover Humagum Park. 

You can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and the coast of Umag and the Adriatic while taking a leisurely walk or sitting on the rest benches. The park even has two solar benches, which are pretty cool. During the summer, you can catch a concert or watch a play at the amphitheater that doubles as a small summer stage. 


For the little ones, there’s a fantastic playground with all sorts of play equipment, including a swing for kids with special needs. But Humagum isn’t just for kids – there are also exercise devices for older folks who want to stay active

You’ll likely run into many Umag residents in the park, taking a break and enjoying the green oasis in the middle of their city. The Rose Garden is a must-see – over two hundred meters long, filled with over two hundred rose seedlings. It’s a peaceful and relaxing place for all your senses – the sweet scent and vibrant colors will make you want to linger on this amazing fragrant trail.  

Lasting memories in Umag

Umag vacations are all about making lasting memories – taking strolls by the sea, catching breathtaking sunsets from cozy benches, jogging between different beaches in your swimsuit, and exploring on a bicycle or tourist train. These happy moments unfold along Umag’s charming promenade, linking the historic heart of the city with vibrant settlements along the coast. 

The most lively part of the promenade runs from Umag’s center to the tourist resorts of Stella Maris, Katoro, and Polynesia. As you walk, you’ll encounter Mediterranean parks, play areas, well-kept beaches, and harbors. Plus, around every corner, there’s a bar, kiosk, or bench waiting for you. 


Exciting news: Shortly, the Umag promenade is set to extend from Park Umag campsite to Crveni Vrh, covering a length of about 40 km. This expansion aims to make it the longest promenade on the Adriatic, offering even more scenic spots and delightful experiences for everyone to enjoy. 

Embark on an unforgettable journey in Umag, where every step along the enchanting promenade unveils the beauty of the Adriatic. From historic charm to vibrant coastal settlements, Umag offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Plan your next getaway now, and let Umag’s scenic wonders and vibrant atmosphere create lasting memories. Start your adventure today – discover Umag, the jewel of the Adriatic! 

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