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53 kilometers of breathtaking coastline in the foothill of Biokovo Mountain, a nature park that towers the entire Makarska Riviera from top of which a view spans across the Adriatic Sea and you can see Italy as clear as a day.

Even today, the best way to travel to any coastal town that makes Makarska Riviera is by sea. Until 1965, that was the only possible way to enjoy an unlikely view of the long stretch of the Adriatic coast and visit any of its towns and monuments. There were no roads connecting Makarska Riviera with the rest of the world. That alone can give you a good hint about how pristine is the surrounding wilderness…

Makarska riviera

Still, for a couple of us here at CTC, nothing beats the original open road over the mountain. We are not talking about the brand new tunnel that connects Makarska Riviera to the main highway that’s connected to the main European grid. True, the feeling is somewhat similar but our route is definitely more exciting.

The moment you enter the nature park from the other side of Biokovo, say, from the direction of Šestanovac, after you cross the pure waters of Cetina river, there’s nothing but the mesmerizing purity of the pristine wilderness. It’s just you, the mountain, and the road ahead.

And then, the shock. Like you’re slowly opening the eyes, the endless azure of the beautiful Adriatic emerges in front of you. The impact the experience has on you is simply indescribable. You can feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins. Your mind can’t wait for the downhill so your eyes could see the entire Riviera in all of its beauty and might. No words are coming out from your open mouth. You just stare at the scenery while your heart rate increases from all the excitement.

And you are not even there yet… But you know what’s the best part?

In a matter of minutes, you go from the top of the mountain to the very coast bathed by the warm and gentle waves of the sea. The first thing you do is taking your clothes off and jumping in the sea. Only then you continue to Brela, Baška Voda, Makarska, Tučepi, Gradac or any of close to twenty potential destinations in Makarska Riviera.

Yes, we know. How can you possibly choose the destination?

That’s why you have us. Give us a call. Let’s chat for a minute or two and see which among these twenty ancient coastal towns best fits your desires. Let’s see how we can make your holiday in Makarska Riviera unforgettable.

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