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Longest beach at Riviera Makarska in Tucepi, the perl of the riviera

Longest beach at Riviera Makarska is 3 km long beach bordered by the deep shade of massive pine trees for the almost entire length. The longest in the entire riviera and one of the top beaches in Croatia. You can find it in Tucepi, a known tourist hotspot near Makarska.

View on Makarska
View on Makarska

Now, obviously, the longest beach at Riviera Makarska covered in fine gravel and sand partially, with the promenade stretching for the almost entire length of the beach, is the central so-called, “selling point” of the place itself. But, there’s much more to Tučepi than just a beautiful beach, as you’ll learn in the following few minutes.

However, since you’re arriving in Croatia for holidays and — since you’re reading this piece — you’re most likely to spend most of the time relaxing on the beach, it would be cool to learn more about this one, wouldn’t it?

It’s not on our list of Top 10 Beaches in Croatia because, as beautiful as it is, there are even more astonishing. But it did almost make a cut. Namely, because it’s quite simple to reach it, unlike some island hotspots. You just park the car next to the main highway and that’s it, you’re there, on the beach. Which takes us to the other thing that almost pushed it through the Top 10 cut.

This will blow your mind, trust me.

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

You know how they charge you some nice buck for parking at the beach at almost any place on the coast? Heck, I know for a fact that you can spend more on parking alone than on meals and drinks. Last time we spent the day on Soline beach in Biograd (central Dalmatia), we spent less 8.67 EUR on two great meals in the beach restaurant “Rene” while the parking alone took 10 EUR.

Here’s the kicker. Along almost the entire length of the beach in Tučepi, it’s free parking. So when we compare 7 days on Soline vs. the same time period on the beach in Tučepi, you are effectively saving 70 EUR. It doesn’t sound like much but it will cover a good part of the gas expense alone. Something to think about it if you’re on the budget.

What else is interesting about Tučepi?

If you’re gonna follow in my footsteps; then you’ll go for these three:

1. Zipline
2. Scuba diving
3. Hike to Biokovo park

When my and wifey arrived, the first thing we did after settling in this nice apartment overlooking the beach was to take a spin on the zipline. We got addicted to that crazy activity after trying out the longest one in Croatia in Rudopolje near Plitvice National Park which might easily be the longest and most exciting in Europe.

The entire experience lasts for some two-plus hours because it takes time for them to drive you to the location, then to strap you on in the kit, and finally to hike here and there. Great time, that’s what it is. There were little more than dozen people and we were having a blast.

The next day, we went under the sea because, in that area, the sea is probably among the clearest in the world which allows great visibility. Not to mention the riches of the sights they are taking you. If you never did it, don’t worry, there’s an academy where you can learn and get licensed.

Hiking on Biokovo
Hiking on Biokovo

Now, about the hike…full disclosure…we didn’t go because I screwed up my ankle getting out of the sea the day before our scheduled hike. But, we’ve been to Biokovo park a couple of times before and it’s definitely something I can recommend. It will fill up your lungs and blood with pure oxygen and make you forget about everything else besides what’s in front of your eyes.

Beach in Tucepi

If Tučepi and longest beach at Riviera Makarska sounds like a cool destination for you, give us a call and save yourself some time and money. We’ll organize everything for you beforehand so that you have things waiting for you. Our assistance, should you opt-in, include flying over here, leasing you a vehicle or organizing transport in some other way, find your perfect accommodation and scheduling activities. A simple call. That’s all it takes for you to have ease of mind.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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