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Eastern Croatia, also known as “Golden Slavonia” is the region known for its fertile land and forests. This is where you can see the natural beauty of the pristine wilderness, like ancient forests and swamps that are protected to preserve their natural state and wildlife.

It’s the land of large fishponds, rivers, hot springs, game, folklore, and numerous cultural monuments.

People here are still devoted to the preservation of the tradition. So it’s not rare to come across groups in, what would appear as some folk costumes during festivals and seasonal events. When you see them, know that there’s a special kind of party going on in the vicinity, with homemade plum liquor, rivers of wine, and smoked delis like ham, different sausages, and the unavoidable “Kulen” which, by the way, you simply must try.
It is well-known in Croatia and wider that Slavonians are the greatest hosts and entertainers. There’s always an abundance of tasty food and drinks all “spiced up” with authentic songs and music. For a Slavonian, keeping his fridge and storage filled to the top with things that make your juices flow is the way of life. ”Just in case,” as they like to say.
The one town that should find the place on your holiday “schedule” is Osijek, the old town built on the remnants of the ancient Roman settlement. It’s known for the fortress along the riverbank which is also the oldest and most attractive part of the town.
By the way, thanks to the number of universities and thousands of students, you can’t miss a party, if that’s something you’d be interested in. Just saying.

Not so far from Osijek, down to the southwest, there’s a small town of Đakovo. Now, here’s the thing that not many know. One of the most renowned breeds of horses, Lipizzaner, is from here and not from Portugal or Spain like many are falsely claiming.

It’s the native breed of the region and you can visit the show held in a rather gigantic stable every time you swing by. Oh, and by the way, while you’re there, do check one of the most renowned baroque cathedrals of this part of the world. It will pay off, trust us. Again, just saying.

Turn further southwest and you’ll reach the town of Slavonski Brod. People like to come and take a stroll on the UNESCO protected Vauban fortification type of the fortress situated in the center of the town. Afterward, they all rally to enjoy unique traditional festivals with a rich choice of food and wine.
Now head northeast and you’ll reach into the valley ancient Romans named “Vallis Aurea” or the Golden Valley. It’s actually an exceptionally wide caldera of the ancient mega volcano with still active underground hot springs.
Is it because of the heat coming from deep inside the Earth’s core and all those hills that surround it or because of something else entirely, the fact is that Golden Valley with the town of Požega as a municipal center, is the single most fertile piece of land on the planet for thousands of years. Not only that you can grow virtually anything with ease, but it’s also the third best micro-location for vineyards, just after Californian Napa valley and French Bordeaux region.
The ancient wine cellar built in the 13th century AD by a group of monks still holds some of the oldest bottles of fine wine not found anywhere else on the planet. Definitely, a tour we recommend.
If, on the other hand, wine cellars and fortresses are not your idea of a perfect holiday, perhaps you would rather spend a few days in Kopački Rit Nature Park, a protected swampy area with a large number of different species of birds. Don’t worry, people there developed some ingenious ways to fight against annoying mosquitos.
But we are forgetting about something… Just like in Zagorje region, Slavonia, being in the center and around the ancient mega volcano, has its share of hot springs and therefore, thermal spas. Bizovačke and Daruvarske Toplice, together with Lipik and its powerful spring of aerated mineral water are the three places you should visit if healthy and R&R holidays are your kind of thing.
No matter where you choose to go in Slavonia, rest assured that you are arriving among some of the most generous and hospital people in the world. Experience that! Book your arrival already today. We are here to help you with the organization.

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