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20. Virkas: Best of Theatrical Performances in Virovitica

For one whole month, Virovitica will be the center of attention for theater lovers. From Feb 9 to Mar 9, the Virovitica Theater is hosting its traditional event, Virovitica Theater Meetings – 20.Virkas. This special occasion, known as “20. Virkas,” is bringing 12 acclaimed plays from various well-known theater companies. They are coming from Croatia and the surrounding regions, including Zagreb, Osijek, Dubrovnik, Novi Sad, and Zenica. Of course, the Virovitica Theatre itself is part of this exciting lineup. 

20. Virkas

The Virovitica Theater has a century-long history. It presented over ten thousand performances and ranked among the top ten theaters in Croatia for the number of shows and guest appearances. Throughout the year, it plays a crucial role in enriching the cultural life of the Virovitica community. 

One of the theater’s key programs, Virkas, has evolved into one of Croatia’s major theater events. This year marks its 20th edition, promising the most diverse and exciting program to date. The festival kicks off on February 9 with the grand premiere of “Krivi Billy s Inishmaan,” directed by Dražen Ferenčin. This play, a collaboration between the Virovitica Theater and the Gavella Drama Theater in Zagreb, will officially premiere on February 9, followed by additional showings on February 10. 

20. Virkas Festival Unveils a Month of Acclaimed Plays

After the grand opening, every weekend for a month, you can enjoy more than ten fantastic plays that have won awards and praise from all around Croatia and nearby regions. The whole festival will take place in four different locations – not just in Virovitica but also in Slatina, Suhopolje, and Pitomača. 

This year’s 20th Virkas program offers the audience a variety of well-loved plays from famous theater companies. For example, there’s “When the Candles Burn” by Teatra Erato and HNK Zagreb, based on a novel by Sandor Mario and directed by Branko Ivanda. The main roles are portrayed by Siniša Popović, Goran Grgić, Zrinka Cvitešić, and Iva Mihalić.   


Another highlight is “Three Days” from the BNP Zenica, an award-winning play by Roman Sikora, described by the author as a black comedy. INK Gradsko kazalište Pula brings “Mother and Child,” a diorama based on the text of Norwegian author Jon Fosse, directed by Matija Ferlin, with the main roles played by Jadranka Đokić and Ugo Korani.  

A Mix of Plays for All Ages and Tastes

The Virkas festival has more to offer! 

Get ready for amazing performances from theaters like Marin Držić Theater and Dubrovnik Summer Games with their show “See how Lokrum Brushes His Teeth. ” HNK in Osijek presents “Čaruga,” HNK in Varaždin offers “Legend,” and HNK of Rijeka Ivan pl. Zajc brings “To the Rhythm of Broadway.” There’s also “Plush Revolution” from Cultural Center Osijek, “The Beginning” from House of Culture Sisak and Theater Exit, and co-productions like “Testosterone” by Theater Exit, Ludens Theater, and Cultural Center Osijek. Another co-production, “What are you sleeping on the floor,” involves collaboration with SNP Novi Sad, GDK Gavella, NP Sarajevo, and MESS Sarajevo. 

20. Virkas

And that’s not all! The 20. Virkas has something for the youngest audience too. Mali Virkas features “Trees” by Čakovec Culture Center for schoolchildren and “Krokodil” by HNK Varaždin for children and young people. In Slatina and Suhopolje, catch “Julia’s Balcony” by Hit Theater, and in Pitomača, experience “Vla Vla Vlajland Cabaret” by the Moruzgva Theatre. Get ready for a diverse and entertaining program for everyone! 

Cultural Jewel: The Enduring Significance of Theatre in Virovitica

In Virovitica, the theater isn’t just a place to watch shows – it’s like a heart that beats with the city’s love for culture. For over a hundred years, the Virovitica Theater has been telling stories and bringing joy to the people. Imagine, the city has been enjoying plays and performances for generations! This special connection between Virovitica and the theater has made the city stand out as a cultural hub. 

20. Virkas

And it’s not just about the theater – Virovitica also proudly hosts a museum inside an old castle. This adds an extra layer of history and art to the city. The castle itself becomes a magical setting in the summer when they perform plays under the twinkling stars. Picture this: sitting outside, surrounded by history, watching a play under the night sky. It’s like a dream!  

So, when people talk about Virovitica, they don’t just talk about a city. They talk about a place where the arts come alive, where stories are told on stage and history is preserved in a castle. The theater in Virovitica isn’t just a show – it’s a celebration of culture, connecting the past, present, and future. 

Experience the magic of the theater, explore the history in the castle’s museum, and join us under the stars for unforgettable summer plays. Discover the heart of Croatian culture – plan your visit to Virovitica today!  

Your CTC Team

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