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Daruvar, a town simply made for relaxation and health

When Romans first discovered Daruvar, they immediately built a settlement. It was a very wise choice considering on what it is built. Since then, it has risen into a town literally built on a specific type of a therapeutic thermal hot spring known as akratho thermal water. When I first discovered it, I became regular.

Daruvar Old City
Daruvar Old City

The hotel slash rehabilitation center opens its door for everybody who wants to recharge. Great food and exceptional service offered in two hotels built on the spring itself with spa oases, fitness centers, special therapeutic massages and rehabilitation services and everything else you’d expect from such a place.I’m there at least once a month for a day or a few.

Nothing recharges me like a weekend in spa.

Oh, sorry, you’ve been wondering about what’s that akratho in Daruvar all about, haven’t you?

It’s coming from the Greek word, ἄϰρατος, which means pure, unspoiled or unmixed.
The water that is surfacing is heated by the decay of radioactive elements in Earth’s mantle and on the surface, it’s barely ever hotter than 40°C. However, since it’s warm, it contains a higher mineral content than a common cold water spring.

For some reason, this type of hot spring is beneficiary in the healing of chronic rheumatisms and infertility. Romans knew this, of course, and every time they would find this particular type of a hot spring, they would build thermals baths and accompanying structures, suitable for spending sort of a vacation if you wish.

But it gets better.

Unlike the majority of thermal baths around the world, only a limited number has so-called, peloids or, in simple words, the healing mud. Daruvar is among those few and that’s why there’s a big rehabilitation center built on and around the spring.

You see, these peloids are basically fine particles of inorganic elements with the low water content. But when they come in contact with hot water, they form a muddy bath extremely rich in mineral content that can pass through skin when applied appropriately.

Daruvar Toplice
Daruvar Toplice

The interesting thing about these peloids is that thanks to their particular thermal properties, you can apply the hot mud on the skin even when the matter’s temperature is around 45°C or more. That’s why peloids are a perfect medium for thermal therapy. The body basically absorbs certain minerals through skin while the heat acts beneficiary the body’s metabolism.

How does this work?

The heat penetrates the skin for a few millimeters which is quite enough to expand the network of capillaries and act reflexively on the deeper tissues. The skin temperature is rising, blood vessels are expanding, the blood flow is improved, the metabolism is increased while adversely effecting muscular tension thus; relaxing muscles.

Thermo-therapy is commonly used in rheumatic, neurological, and gynecological illnesses and chronic conditions.

Now, if you are satisfied with this quick course to thermal baths, and I really hope you are because, to tell you the truth, I was really exciting finding out what’s all that fuss about hot springs and spas, it’s time to move beyond therapy and massages and see what else is out there.

Daruvar, thanks to fertile land and drinking water of the highest quality, is long known for exceptional beers.

Today, with the rise of crafters and ale production, you can truly enjoy the fine selection of homebrewed beers.

Exceptional Beers in Daruvar
Exceptional Beers in Daruvar

The thermal spa is in the center of this great and relaxing park with educational trails. It’s fun to walk around before soaking in the hot tub. But move away and explore the area and you’ll find over a dozen historical religious sites, castles, and ruins of ancient fortress. 

Don’t forget that Croatia was at the forefront of European defense against the advances of Ottomans. We made sure that they shall not pass, believe you me.

Give us a call and we’ll organize things for you. From accommodation and rehabilitation programs to tours and excursions. I mean, you can do it by yourself, of course, but wouldn’t it better to have someone familiar with the whole thing to set up the logistics?

Your CTC Team, I.K. 

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