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Osijek – a historical paradise on the banks of the Drava river

Osijek is the largest city in Slavonia, and the fourth largest in Croatia. It is located in the eastern part of the country.

If you’re looking for a different kind of a vacation, the one that doesn’t include overcrowded and hyped places, but instead, you’re aiming for something more authentic and less stressful, Osijek is your destination.

Situated at the far east of the continental Croatia, Osijek is the town that converges history and modern under the same roof without triggering the hype. You can eat in the fancy restaurants, sleep in fancy hotels, party all night long in trendy clubs or you can ditch the modern and enjoy the breath of history and pristine nature. Or, as many do, combine these two.

City Centre of Osijek
City Centre of Osijek

How do you experience that kind of Osijek?

First of all, ditch any of the available online app-style guides because they are all wired to show you the same old things – over and over again.

Osijek is much more than the app is showing. The town is ancient in the true sense of that word. I mean, like, from Neolithic times.

There’s this old fortress on the river bank - the original town and the giant display of the baroque style, brick by brick.

Old Fortress - Tvrdja
Old Fortress - Tvrdja

Once you park the car (for free if you can believe that) and shut the door behind you, it will feel like the ancient chariot and a few horsemen are about to appear behind the corner. I remember this sensation all too well.
Somehow, you just forget about the present and the fancy car. Your brain is anticipating the sound of hoofs thundering on the stone streets.

After you soaked up just the right amount of history…

The Drava River in Winter
The Drava River in Winter
Osijek by Night
Osijek by Night

And perhaps attended a cultural event, commonly organized almost every day during the summer at the square of the old town (they have the name for it, by the way, and it’s “Tvrdja”), meet the nature head-on!

Osijek, as the name suggests when you know at least some of the local language, is safely elevated above the vast marshes.
Where the hell did the marshes appear from?

Nature Park - Kopački Rit
Nature Park - Kopački Rit

So, in a sense, Osijek, as the urban center, is just a logistical base for your explorations and wanders. Because, other than culture, history, and pristine nature, the wider area is known for great wines (there are, of course, wine roads that make the access easier 😊)

and even better food. And at the end of the day, it’s good to have a nice, cozy hotel room to swing by and spend the night. If there’s any energy left, go out and have some fun with locals. Turn on that app and see what’s near you and trendy!

If you need our help, give us a call. We can set up everything for you.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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