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Velebit Lika and Gorski kotar – Explore the sights, pick a holiday spot in Croatia. Read about interesting things and choose a place to stay.

Croatia is far more than just beautiful sea, pristine islands and home of the famous movie sets.

Situated in the hinterland of Kvarner archipelago and northern Dalmatia, the mountain region holds significant importance in communications between the coast and inland. This is rarely populated region rich in forests with pristine wilderness filled with endemic species.

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Protected areas such as National Park Risnjak or Bijele (white) and Samarske stijene (rocks) have an important meaning for Gorski Kotar. It’s literally an oasis of coniferous and whitish forests that are very well preserved because of the extremely small number of people who reside in these areas.

You have Delnice, Bjelolasica, and Ogulin as just a few good destinations. And even though these towns are less known to tourists, they do offer that specific atmosphere common for continental places. Hence, it’s worth your time. 

Lika, on the other hand, is more of a steppe, with large areas covered with grass and rocks with just pockets of forests. But it’s on 500 meters above the sea and quite exceptional thanks to its specific geomorphological and hydrological phenomena.
Landscapes, caves, hunting and fishing activities, cultural heritage, folklore, and gastronomy are all the reasons why you should take a few days and at least pay the visit to famous Plitvice National Park, Velebit Nature Park, and, of course, one of the biggest cave systems in the Europe, Cerovac Caves.

Plitvice National Park for example is largest national park of that kind in Croatia and it’s under the UNESCO protection.

CTC - Velebit lika gorski kotar, plitvice
There are 16 cascading lakes that attract visitors from all over the world during all four seasons. In the last few years, in particular, the main attraction is definitely the so-called, “Winter fairytale” or winter visit to see the frozen lakes and waterfalls. We personally don’t know anyone who wasn’t left speechless by the display of the most magnificent natural artistry.

Unlike Plitvice, Velebit mountain attracts hikers, speleologists, alpinists, botanists, and all those who are looking for more of an active holiday.

So if you can see yourself in any of these places, and perhaps yearn for some adrenaline-driven exploration expeditions, just say the word and we’ll organize the adventure of your life!

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