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Green Destinations Certification For Lika Destination Cluster

Green Destinations Certification for Lika means that this part of Croatia has been recognized as an exceptional and sustainable destination!


The Certificate was awarded at the big tourism fair ITB in Berlin. This makes Lika Destination the biggest place in Croatia with this special certificate, covering three counties. The Green Destinations model is a super helpful tool for making sure tourism is managed in a really good and sustainable way. Back in 2020, Lika Destination was even listed among the top 100 sustainable destinations worldwide. Their story of how Lika Destination got so great was showcased at the same fair where they got this awesome certificate.

Green Destinations Certification For Lika 4

Lika is Proud

During this special event, the president of the cluster, Petra Kovačević, shared, “Last year, we got an invitation from the Green Destinations Foundation to apply for this certificate. Feeling proud that our hard work was acknowledged, we started meeting the criteria. One important thing every applicant needs to do is to complete the Green Destinations training. I’m proud to see our Lika Quality education materials being used as an example for other places to learn from. This certificate is like a valuable pat on the back, showing that our destination is growing in the right way. It’s also a reminder for us to keep going in the same positive direction.” 


For a whole year, they’ve been working hard to follow the guidelines and collect all the important proof to meet the criteria. This shows how much this destination is committed to being super eco-friendly. Since this destination includes three counties, this job was pretty challenging. They managed to get a lot of people involved, like those from the government, businesses, and local folks. They all gave them important info and support to make sure we were doing things the right way. 

Getting the bronze Green Destinations recognition for Lika Destination is a big deal. It helps to show off Lika not just in our country but all around the world. 

This certificate is super famous! Green Destinations only gives awards to places that follow really strict rules for being eco-friendly in all aspects. That’s why we’re extra happy that another place in Croatia also got this cool recognition. Dr. Katarina Miličević, who runs Tourism Lab and represents Green Destinations, shared this good news.  

Eco-Friendly Places You Should See in Lika

Plitvice Lakes National Park: Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Plitvice Lakes, where a network of cascading waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes, and lush greenery create a picturesque wonderland. This UNESCO World Heritage site not only showcases nature’s grandeur but also exemplifies sustainable tourism practices. 

Green Destinations Certification For Lika 5

Paklenica National Park: For adventure enthusiasts seeking an eco-friendly escape, Paklenica National Park is a haven of rugged canyons, diverse plant life, and unique rock formations. Explore its hiking trails, which not only offer breathtaking views but also emphasize the importance of preserving this natural treasure. 

Velebit Nature Park: Discover the pristine landscapes of Velebit Nature Park, a region known for its panoramic vistas and diverse ecosystems. Embrace sustainable outdoor activities like hiking and wildlife observation, immersing yourself in the untouched beauty of this eco-friendly destination.

Green Destinations Certification For Lika 1

Kuterevo Bear Sanctuary: Delve into the heartwarming world of Kuterevo Bear Sanctuary, dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned bears. Nestled in a serene environment, this sanctuary provides a responsible and caring space for these majestic creatures, allowing visitors to witness their rehabilitation journey.

Rakovica: Experience the eco-conscious charm of Rakovica, a small town located near Plitvice Lakes. With its sustainable initiatives and tranquil ambiance, Rakovica offers a refreshing retreat where visitors can appreciate the local culture and unwind in an environmentally friendly setting.

Green Destinations Certification For Lika is a Big Recognition

The Green Destinations Certification For Lika is like a big thumbs-up. Lika Destination is doing a great job following high standards for being eco-friendly, according to experts from around the world. This means Croatian Lika is committed to taking care of nature and culture. They use smart strategies for managing the place and helping the local economy and community. Green Destinations is a group that helps destinations and tourism providers be more sustainable. They have support from the United Nations and the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism


Getting this certificate will make a big difference in Lika’s tourism. It will make tourism here more responsible, balanced, and good for everyone involved. 

Your CTC Team

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