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Croatian Zagorje is a hilly region separated from the country’s capital Zagreb by Medvednica mountain. Pristine wilderness, numerous cultural sights, and outstanding gastronomy are all the reasons for developed hiking, religious and hunting tourism. Everything is perfectly contemplated with the endless vineyards and orchards.

But there’s one thing that Zagorje has the abundance of – geothermal springs. These natural springs are in the center of health tourism due to the natural healing abilities of the hot water from the Earth’s core.

Zagorje vineyards
Accordingly, there are many natural spas spread across the entire region with each offering a wide range of accommodation options plus some advanced medical treatments for healing and recovery of patients. Spas are built directly on the springs with proven medical capabilities and visitors have unlimited access to hot baths.
Perhaps the most interesting thing is that ancient Romans built the first spas in the region with parts of them still preserved in their original state. In other words, most of the new resorts are designed to blend around the remnants of the Roman architecture.
The best known are Stubica spas (Stubičke Toplice) with radioactive (positive, healing type) springs. But Krapinske Toplice just like those in the town of Tuhelj are not falling behind with the quality of the offer and the fact that you can, in fact, get an effective therapy.

Speaking of which, while you are in Zagorje, do visit the small town of Krapina. It’s one of the most important European archeological sites of Neanderthals. There, in one of the caves, you can witness first hand how was the day in the life of a Neanderthal family and their pet, the sabretooth tiger.

Zagorje neanderthals
Zagorje Caves
While you’re around, it would be a shame to miss seeing one of the most preserved castles in Croatia that dates back to Middle Ages. You can actually feel those ancient times every time you take a tour around the castle.
And when you feel exhausted and need to replenish your spirit, Zagorje has just the right place for that. A pilgrimage sanctuary of Marija Bistrica, the single most visited sanctuary in Croatia that attracts people from all over the world.
If you are in for some hiking or mountain climbing, there are two major tracks that leave nobody indifferent. Hikers, for example, like to visit Hellenbach castle, right in the center of the picturesque nature, just outside Marija Bistrica. It’s the castle that still maintains the historical ambient of the 19th century.
For those that cannot live a day without some sports or adrenaline activities, there’s a wide variety of specialized offers for every particular taste. To name just a few, there are paintball clubs, fitness centers, balloon flights, skydive simulators, biking, mountain climbing and cliffhanging, archery, shooting ranges and many other different options.
This particular part of Croatia is also known for its numerous gothic and baroque cathedrals, churches and sanctuaries.
Therefore, it’s important to mention “Marijan’s pilgrimage trail”. It’s the ancient trail that’s been recently restored by adding historical trails that connect Slovenian and Croatian Maria’s sanctuaries. The trail itself is the real treat for pilgrims from all around the world.
One thing is important to mention here. Whether you are young or old, there’s one thing you must do every time you visit Zagorje. Try “Zagorski Štrukli” with some wine. You just cannot leave before you do that. Trust us.
So, would you consider visiting some of the places we mentioned? If so, call us and we’ll organize the things for you in no time.

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