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Advent in Zagreb 2022: Take a walk with us!

Advent in Zagreb 2022 returned after the previous years in which the corona greatly impoverished it. Today it is better than ever!

This beautiful and dazzling time is the favorite time of the year for many, and this year’s Advent in Zagreb once again attracted large crowds of people who came to enjoy the best program, beautiful decorations, excellent food and drink. In our tight schedule this weekend, we decided that nothing would stop us from finally visiting Advent in Zagreb 2022. Given that we didn’t have much time, we had to choose the destinations that seemed the most interesting to us.

Advent in Zagreb 2022 is full of great surprises and fun decorations
Advent in Zagreb 2022 is full of great surprises and fun decorations!

The decision was made and we visited King Tomislav Square, where we enjoyed ice skating and taking photos next to decorated Christmas houses, Strossmayer Square, where Fuliranje is traditionally held, we walked around Zrinjevac, where great music is played (and offers food, drinks and souvenirs) and than we headed to the upper town and to the Grič tunnel, which won us over this year.

Find out why!

Ice skating on King Tomislav Square

The beautiful square of King Tomislav, which is located opposite the railway station, affectionately called Tomislavac, is decorated every year with thousands of lights that are placed on the trees in the park, decorated Christmas trees are brought and placed in front of the art pavilion, and Christmas houses are installed that light up as soon as the dark falls. This year, to the joy of many, including us, the ice skating is back! The ice skating track is placed on the green surface of the park and is large enough to entertain a large number of people at the same time.

Ice skating is back!
Ice skating is back!

Of course, we had to try our luck and see which of us would skate without problems, and who would “kiss the ice floor”…

It’s an understatement to say that we were laughing all the time when we realized that ice skating is not at all as easy as it looks when someone who knows how to skate does it. Before we got on the skates, we were convinced that we wouldn’t have any major problems because – hey, we all know how to skate on the ground, how different could it be? Conclusion: It is different. And it’s much harder.

Our ice skating experience included a lot of hand-holding, butt-sliding on the floor, falls – the expected ones that we couldn’t stop but we knew would happen, but also the unexpected ones when you think you’ve finally figured out what to do and find yourself on your knees… All in all, the experience was anything but boring! We recommend this activity to everyone, whether you know how to ice skate or not – if you are like us, at least you will have a good laugh.

Food and drink offer at Advent in Zagreb 2022

We will be short and clear!

Advent in Zagreb 2022 offers unlimited food and drinks options
Advent in Zagreb 2022 offers unlimited food and drinks options

There is never a shortage of food and drinks at Advent in Zagreb, including this year. The main destinations where you can eat are:

– King Tomislav square (several of the same houses next to the ice skating track offer you a selection of sausages and alcoholic beverages)

– Strossmayer Square, where the Fuliranje takes place (as many as 10 catering houses offer top-quality food because they are the houses of famous chefs, Rakijarnica where you can try different top-quality alcoholic drinks – we drank sour cherry and we’ll just say that one wasn’t enough for us!)

Zrinjevac is beautiful as ever
Zrinjevac is beautiful as ever

– Zrinjevac (around the music pavilion in the middle of the park there are houses with tables where you can eat sausages and drink wine)

Great drinks and sweets!
Great drinks and sweets!

– Josip Jelačić square where you will find savory and sweet food – this year’s hit is fritters covered with bajadera dressing!

Enjoy the view of Advent in Zagreb 2022 Advent wreath on Ban Josip jelačić square while eating
Enjoy the view of Advent wreath on Ban Josip jelačić square while eating

The Moon Garden on the upper town and beautiful Grič

The Moon Garden, which is located on the upper part of the town in Park Bela IV. was our destination after browsing the rich food and drink offerings at Strossmayer Square and Zrinjevac. It is a smaller park in the upper town that has been decorated in this style in recent years. When this decorative story was first staged, we didn’t have a chance to see it because we weren’t in Zagreb during Advent, so we decided that we shouldn’t miss it this year.

Thousands of lights that fill this park, in the center of which there is a big moon, will transport you in an instant to a romantic winter idyll where you will forget about all your worries. The light installation of moon flowers by the artist Jelena Petric and the crescent moon sculpture created by the sculptors Tomislav Hršak and Matej Vuković turned this hidden park into a small work of art. We were delighted with the place, so we recommend it to everyone, especially couples who want to enjoy romance and art lovers.

After the Moon Garden, we headed to the Grič tunnel, for which the theme of Christmas decorations is different every year. As usual, the tunnel shone with a special glow at Advent in Zagreb 2022 and presented us with something special: the Polar Dream. This installation simulates passing through an ice cave over which unusual clouds and aurora borealis hang. Soothing music can be heard in the background, and “clouds” illuminated by spotlights in various colors are an ideal background for photos. However, what we liked the most in the Grič tunnel was precisely the calmness that radiates from this elegant and decent installation. We can even say that this is the most “artistic” arrangement of a part of the city for Advent that we have seen so far.

We were particularly delighted by a phenomenon that we expected to experience everywhere except here – namely, although many people were passing through the tunnel, there was no noise. All the passers-by walked through the tunnel calmly and quietly absorbing the sounds of soothing music and looking at the beautiful installation hanging from the ceiling of the tunnel. Magical!

Places we unfortunately didn't get to go to, but it's worth it

Zagreb Eye on Tuđman Square (get to this place by direct tram line from Josip Jelačič Square – trams 6 and 11)

Experience Advent in Zagreb 2022 by riding the Christmas tram

Peek into the lesser-known streets of Zagreb near the center

Walk to the Zagreb Cathedral

You would like to see Zagreb while there are decorations around the city? No problem, let us help!

Your CTC Team, A. M.

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