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Zagreb (The capital of Croatia), a city of one million hearts

Recently, a rising number of people all over the world are choosing Zagreb (the capital of Croatia) as their vacation destination. Even those looking to spend a week or two on the sunny coast of the Croatian Adriatic or one of its thousands of islands are making a quick 2-3 day pitstop in the Croatian capital.
Zagreb -Ccity of One Million Hearts
Zagreb -City of One Million Hearts

In fact, Zagreb has seen an increase in visits in the least likely part of the year – December.

And there’s a perfectly good reason for that.

Each year, from the beginning of December and into January of the following year, the entire city transforms into a mixture of sounds, colors, and lights for Christmas. It’s a long tradition that has finally received an official recognition. In 2016 when “Advent in Zagreb” was selected as the Best Christmas Market in Europe.

Decorated Tram in Zagreb on Advent
Decorated Tram in Zagreb on Advent
And it wasn’t a one-time glory either because, this year, in a fearsome competition between several European capitals, including Vienna. Zagreb (the capital of Croatia) won that same prestigious award again. Visitors from all over the world acknowledged the years of dedicated work to create a one of a kind experience during the most wonderful time of the year. But Advent in Zagreb is not the only reason why Lonely Planet chose the Croatian capital as the top European destination.

Zagreb is the only capital where you won’t feel like a tourist

Pick any European capital. Heck, pick any capital in the world. What’s the difference between any of them? See one and you’ve seen them all. With one exception.

Unlike Paris, Rome, Vienna or Prague, Europe’s most famous capitals, that developed this system of herding the tourists and channeling them to just a few famous destinations, Zagreb is doing exactly the opposite.

Old Streets in Zagreb
Old Streets in Zagreb

You are being encouraged to explore the city as a whole

How? By getting familiar with not just every corner of Zagreb but also with its residents. With the locals who are known for their hospitality and openness. In other words, you won’t get disconnected from the city’s pulse and its unique soul like its the case with any of the major capitals around the world.

Zagreb Main Square
Zagreb Main Square

And that’s why people love Zagreb. They feel this instant connection. Because there is not that invisible barrier between the city and the visitor. That’s what makes them feel at home.

Did you know, for instance, that there are people from all continents that know more about Zagreb than their own capitals? In fact, there is a growing number of Americans, Canadians and Western Europeans that have moved to Zagreb in recent years. This trend has been increasing especially after Croatia became an EU member state.



Aside from the immediate connection that is common to every person who has ever visited Zagreb, the Croatian capital is also one of the safest cities of the World. It remains one of only a few where you can take your partner out on a date out or for a midnight stroll without being concerned about personal safety.

Why else?

Have you tasted the food over there? Or talked with the people? Well, once you do, you’ll understand what draws people to Croatia and Zagreb in particular. Last year alone, dozens of skiing enthusiasts who came to watch the Snow Queen Trophy, came here to stay.

Snow Queen Trophy pre-show in the centre of Zagreb
Just so you know, the race takes place in hills on the city’s outskirts during the first days of January each year. The event in the city’s center is just a pre-show. However, people simply decided to settle here. After all, the price of properties is way below the European average.

Any other reason?

Have you ever heard about the Museum of Broken Hearts? Yeah, we thought so. Well, after touring the globe, this ever-evolving exhibit finally settled in Zagreb with the auxiliary location in Hollywood. Cool, right? It’s the must-see for everyone that comes to Zagreb for even a day. Or how about the breathtaking gothic two-tower cathedral; one of only a few in the world that is still in active use and the only one southeast of the Alps?
Zagreb Cathedral
Zagreb Cathedral

By the way, that’s also the part of the city where you want to start your exploration. Keep that in mind because everything you’ll see and feel started from around there.

For example, if you start walking north-northwest from the cathedral (taking a taxi sounds less painful if you know what we mean), step by step and you’ll reach the medieval fortified town of Medvedgrad (cro., Medved=Bear; grad=fort, town, city).

The Medieval Fortified Town of Medvedgrad
The Medieval Fortified Town of Medvedgrad
They built it in 13th century AD as a necessary measure to protect the residents against the barbaric invaders, particularly Mongols. The view of the city from the castle’s walls is simply breathtaking and for that reason alone, you should pay it a visit.

Zagreb (the capital of Croatia) – Once you get back to the city’s center, the choice is yours and yours alone.

Maybe you want to dress up and listen to the opera. Or visit one of many international gastro-fairs that are taking place seven days a week in the city’s center. Why not taste a burger from, say, Peru, right? Although truth to be told, once you taste the traditional local delicacies you’ll never go back. And that’s a promise.
Zagreb gives you an unlikely cultural high that is an elaborate mixture of traditions that reach far into the past and even into modern lifestyle, common for every urban center. Only, in Zagreb, you won’t feel like a foreigner. And that’s exactly what separates Zagreb from other famous European destinations. Book a flight to the state-of-the-art, Zagreb airport that is an architectural marvel in its own. Or get behind the wheel of your car and plug-in on any of Europe’s major freeways. In case you didn’t know, the Croatian capital, Zagreb, is directly connected to the main European freeway network.

Choose your method and come to the city where everyone feels at home. We guarantee that you’ll keep coming back, over and over again until you finally settle somewhere on the city’s outskirts.


Your CTC Team, I.K.

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