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3 Reasons That Will Ease Your Decision on Visiting island Krk

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You shouldn’t really have any doubt on spending your holidays on the island of Krk.

Island itself is beautiful, with lots of fantastic places to retreat both your body and your soul. Can you only imagine the sunset?

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Towns and villages throughout the island are just gorgeous, the tourist infrastructure is solid and natural beauties, with Baška Valley and the Moon Plateau alike, are far out of space.

Still, in case you're having a second thoughts of any kind, here are 3 reasons that should make it easier for you.

In no particular order:

1. Good Connection

In other words – it’s easy to get there.

The island of Krk is the largest island in Adriatic. Therefore, it’s close enough to the land to have a bridge.

Krk Bridge
Krk Bridge

This is a big plus when compared to other islands, where you have to catch a ferry and waste your time in ferry ports.

The bridge is an impressive building. It is the largest bridge in Croatia (at least for now), and at the time of its construction, had bend (390m) that was the longest concrete bend in the world.

Geographically speaking, island Krk lies deep inside the Kvarner bay, so it’s quite approachable.

It is close to big cities like Rijeka, Zagreb, Pula, and Ljubljana. It is close to the state highway A1 and the Adriatic Highway.

And, if all this still doesn’t make any sense to you, then it’s worth mentioning –

…the island has its own airport.

2. The History

Croatians didn’t always use the Latin letters.

No, we used an old Slavic alphabet called Glagoljica (Glagolitic) instead. The author of Glagoljica was Ćiril, brother of Metod, both considered the fathers of Slavic literature.

The Old Slavic Alphabet Called Glagolitic
The Old Slavic Alphabet Called Glagolitic

Unfortunately, there are not many artefacts left of written Glagoljica. One of the rare exceptions is Bašćanska ploča – the Baška Tablet.

Baška Tablet is the most important, and one of the first monuments, containing an inscription in the Croatian language, dating from 1100.

It was found in a church near the town of Baška.

Tablet itself is crucial for the history of Croatia and Croatian language because this is the first time that the name of Croatia, and beloved King Zvonimir, are mentioned in the Croatian language.

The whole Baška Valley, surrounded with limestone cliffs, is decorated with sculptures of Glagolitic alphabet, rising from the wild landscape.

The birthplace of Croatian language.

3. Vrbnička Žlahtina – The Vrbnik Zlahtina

Your feel-good-summer-vacation may begin!

In the sweet, sweet company of Žlahtina.
On the eastern coast of the island, the valleys and fields, spreading beneath the hilltops, are completely covered with vineyards. These are the fields of Vrbnik town, home of autochthonous wine sort called Žlahtina.

Žlahtina is a very special wine. Its flavour comes from the mix of the continental and Mediterranean climate in the air. It is 100% original, meaning it has never been crossed with any other wine sort.

Vrbnička Žlahtina
Vrbnička Žlahtina

Žlahtina is also a mellow wine sort, with only 11,5% of alcohol. It is not intended for drainage. Therefore, you are allowed to drink it while it’s young.

Besides its low alcohol percentage and a potable taste, it’s a perfect companion to your holiday leisure.

You can hardly get disgracefully drunk. But after only a few glasses, the funny side of life shows up, unexpectedly, to guarantee you never forget your stay on island Krk.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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