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Where to stay in Croatia during holidays and business trip

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Accommodations in Croatia
Accommodations in Croatia

If you are wondering about where to stay in Croatia during holidays, here is a simple guide that details different options including the average cost.

We are deliberately splitting the guide into 3 main categories:

  • Camps
  • Apartments
  • Hotels

Because somebody is perhaps looking for the nights under the clear blue sky just yards from the beach? Or maybe you favour apartments or hotels? Stick around in any case.
There’s something for every preference.

Where to stay in Croatia if you want to sleep in your tent, on the beach

You pack your stuff in a trunk and head to Adriatic. The ride is the experience for itself. Thus, it’s no wonder why the majority is driving to the coast. But where to fix that tent once you arrive?

How about right on the beach?

Camp LJUTIC, on the very coast in Biograd Na Moru, central Dalmatia, may be one option.
Please understand that these picks are based on experience.
In other words, we actually did spend a few weeks in the chosen locations. Of course, there are many similar sites along the coast and on the islands. So feel free to Google it.

At Ljutic, you can fix the tent or sleep in one of the beach bungalows. Whatever suits you.

Camping in Croatia
Camping in Croatia

In the heat of the season, you’ll spend around €40 a day for a tent and up to €100 for a bungalow accommodation. Price includes a parking spot and the free Wi-Fi by default.

The best thing about this particular camp is the fact that you are practically sleeping on the beach. And the nearest beach restaurant in just yards away. We are talking about €5 per dish of excellent food that you can eat in your swimming suit.
Without any need to dry yourself first. How cool is that, right?

Where to stay in Croatia if you fancy hotel rooms in the romantic places

If there is one coastal town that you simply must visit, that’s definitely the “Picturesque Pearl of Mediterranean.” We are, of course, talking about Rovinj.

Old Town Rovinj
Old Town Rovinj

Now, if you want a world-class accommodation, which, by the way, you deserve; then book a week in hotel Lone. That’s a new, modern 5-star beauty with the integrated spa centre. Just check this breathtaking surrounding:

It is a bit spicier for mom, dad, and their kid, but it’s worth every penny. The price starts with €180 per night. It includes a private parking spot, breakfast, spa centre, indoor and outside pool, satellite TV on big plasmas, 24-hour room service, balcony, and free Wi-Fi.

If you are having some doubts, maybe this will change your mind. Our of all properties on the Adriatic, Lone hotel has the highest number of repeat bookings. People are even arriving twice per year.

However, if Lone is above your budget, Rovinj has far cheaper options. You can book a hotel room for as little as €60. Of course, it won’t be even close to the luxury of Lone but then again, it has a bed and it is right on the beach. Who needs a room service anyway, right?

Where to stay in Croatia if you are coming as a group or a family of 5 or 6

In your shoes, we would go with one of over tens of thousands private accommodations in apartments. Where? What turns you on? An island? The coast? On the beach or a bit further to pay even less?

Pick the place. Go on. Check the map of Croatia and pick the spot. Wherever you place your finger, there are the bunch of apartments that go from as little as €30 a day, up to a €2,000. It depends on your personal preferences and the thickness of your wallet.

What can you expect for, say, €80 in central Dalmatia, in the peak of the summer?

More specifically, in Split, the most relaxing coastal city on the planet.

You can get a fully equipped apartment right on the beach like this one here:

View From a Apartment Room
View From a Apartment Room

There is a living room, a kitchen, and the bathroom with the massage shower, among everything else.
This is just an example. There are literally thousands of apartments of all sizes and capacities. And some of them are right on the beaches. It’s just the matter of booking on time. And that means January or February at the latest.

Every available property with the sea view is gone in the first two months of every year.

So act fast or make your piece with something a bit further from the coastline.

Don’t make the usual mistake. Regardless of the fact that the Dalmatian coast and islands are seemingly packed with apartment buildings, the most attractive ones are booked a year in advance.

If you want us to make the pick for you, just drop us a message and it’s done. After all, if you’ve never been here, maybe it’s better to let someone familiar with the market to help you out.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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