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Discover the New Character of NP Risnjak’s Renovated Rooms!

NP Risnjak’s renovated rooms will be transformed, not just in appearance but also in nomenclature, with unique names! 

After fixing up the rooms, they’re giving them new names like Bear, Wolf, Lynx, and Kupa. The director also shared other plans. They want to redo all five rooms in the guesthouse, and each room will have special names connected to the national park. In 2023, which was the National Park “Risnjak’s” 70th anniversary, they had a good year. Mario Antolić, the director, says it’s impressive because they faced challenges that made business tough. 

NP Risnjak's Renovated Rooms

The main achievement was gaining more recognition from both local and international visitors. Mario is confident they’ll keep it up this year. Although the number of visitors and stays is a bit lower than in 2022, it makes sense. Floods in 2022 damaged the bridge to the Kupa source. So, that part of the park was closed last year, affecting the total number of visitors because the path from Razlog to the Kupa source was the only way available.  

Renewal Chronicles: Restoration Ventures in NP Risnjak's Wilderness

The Kupa’s high water in the fall of 2022 took away the bridge, and strong winds damaged the Risnjak Mountaineering Lodge’s roof. Last year, they fixed the lodge’s roof and the Razlog-Croatia road, putting up a new 900-meter fence. They also repaired the Lasac building, making it part of the Wildlife Observation program. Still, two major tasks remain. The Fishing Trail from Hrvatsko to the Kupa source needs restoration, and a new bridge will replace the old one. Funding secured, the bridge project is set for this year, one meter higher than the previous. Additionally, the Razloge lookout point, worn by weather and time, will undergo restoration. 

NP Risnjak's Renovated Rooms

A lot of work is being done on the protection and preservation of nature, which is the fundamental goal. Two Interreg projects have been reported, and one has been positively evaluated, with the signing of the contract awaited. The contract is valued at around 100,000 euros. Additionally, the evaluation of the reported project for the renovation of the Leska educational path and the large renovation projects of mountain lodges in Risnjak and Snježnik is awaited. 

Furthermore, the tender for a new tenant of the restaurant in the administration building is underway. The restaurant is expected to be open again in the second part of March. 


For all NP Risnjak’s renovated rooms it is hoped that the work will be finished before the start of the next season. Along with the renovation, these rooms will now also have special names related to the area of this national park. In the future, guests will be able to choose rooms called Medvjed, Vuk, Lyns, Kupa, and Lynx, each decorated by the names they bear. This information was shared by Mario Antolić, director of Risnjak National Park.  

NP Risnjak's renovated rooms

A professional book on the characteristics of the soil and forest communities of this area was published. Additionally, Martina Markov’s attractive picture book “Marko na Risnjak” was released. It is a tool used to popularize Risnjak and the national park, particularly among the younger population. The aim is to attract them and showcase the beauty of nature while fostering awareness about the need to protect it, as explained by Antolić. 

NP Risnjak's Renovated Rooms

Antolić highlighted that, recently, nighttime animal watching has become the most interesting activity for visitors. This experience is made possible at a facility located on the large mountain meadow of Lazac, where one can observe wolves, bears, wild boars, badgers, and more during the night. Antolić expressed satisfaction in providing visitors with this unique opportunity to enjoy the animal world of Gorski Kotar.  

NP Risnjak's renovated rooms

NP Risnjak’s renovated rooms signify a promising enhancement for tourists. They will offer not only comfortable accommodation but also a uniquely immersive experience. With each room now bearing a special name related to the national park area, such as Medvjed, Vuk, Lyns, Kupa, and Lynx, visitors have the opportunity to connect more deeply with the park’s rich natural heritage. 


The thoughtful decoration corresponding to these names adds a touch of local charm. This transformation aims to provide tourists with a more enriching stay. It will allow them to feel a sense of connection to the wildlife and ecosystems of Risnjak National Park. Ultimately, NP Risnjak’s renovated rooms contribute to a more memorable and enjoyable experience for visitors. 

Experience the beauty of nature like never before at Risnjak National Park! Book your stay in our newly renovated rooms, each named after the park’s unique features. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Risnjak and support our conservation efforts. Plan your unforgettable adventure today – nature is calling! 

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