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Football, Euro and Shengen: Things that marked 2022 in Croatia!

Football Euro and Schengen are three things that marked the year 2022 for all Croats living in their home country. Last year, Croatia experienced major political changes that will greatly affect the entire life of its citizens and because of which even traveling to Croatia will not be the same as before – it will be much easier for all those who use the euro as their official currency!

Football Euro and Schengen

There is no more exchange of euro coins and banknotes into kuna, because from 1.1.2023 we entered the eurozone. Apart from these serious political changes, football was something that certainly marked the end of 2022 in the best possible light – Croatian football players once again achieved an enviable place at the World Cup in Qatar.

Introduction of the EURO as the official currency

Although Croatia has been a member of the EU since July 2013, the Council of the European Union approved Croatia’s entry into the euro area on July 12, 2022. That is why the second half of last year was a time of great changes and the beginning of an adjustment period for all citizens of the Republic of Croatia; some eagerly awaited the arrival of the new currency, and some will mourn the kuna for some time to come. What we can say with certainty is that the use of the Euro as the official currency is a huge relief for people who love to travel, as they will now have one task less on their to-do list when traveling to EU countries – we mean no more changing money, of course.

Croatian Euro Coins
Croatian Euro Coins

However, prices in kuna will be visible on products until the end of 2023 for the purpose of dual pricing. In this way, the state hopes to help citizens understand how the euro works as quickly and easily as possible. Like all member states, Croatia has designed its own euro money, so you will be able to see Croatian symbols on the new coins – the animal marten (so that the marten (cro. kuna) would not be forgotten), Nikola Tesla, Glagolitic letters (ancient Croatian script) and the like. 

Accession to the Schengen area

Another politically important event is certainly the entry into Schengen, which Croatia has been waiting for with impatience. For those who are not familiar with the term, we will explain it briefly: the Schengen Agreement implies the removal of controls on the movement of persons across the internal borders of the European Union. The Schengen area includes the national territories of 26 European countries and in many respects functions as the territory of one country, with traditional controls for those entering and leaving the area, but without internal border controls.

So, the journey for EU citizens to Croatia will now be even easier! Less control, less paperwork and less waiting.

Croatian Euro Coins
No more strict border control

This is definitely something that pleases the majority of citizens of the Republic of Croatia who like to travel within the EU, and especially for those who work or have relatives and friends in one of the EU countries. By joining Schengen, Croatia has truly become a full-fledged part of the European Union, which will certainly make life easier for its citizens. Also, this news cheered up many young people who, in addition to travel, have another motivation for going across the borders of their country – education at the best European universities.

Third in the world!

The third event that we cannot leave out and which was the reason for the euphoria of the entire Croatian nation is certainly the third place at the World Cup in Qatar. As a nation that absolutely adores football, it is no surprise that the world championship is followed at every step and at every moment. All the matches played by the Croatian national team were followed closely by the entire nation.

You can only imagine the happiness and pride when our “Vatreni” (eng. Fiery), as the public affectionately call them, led us to the bronze medal!

This enviable success of the small country is the reason for the absolute pride and euphoria that the citizens showed at the reception of the football players from Quatar, which took place on Josip ban Jelačić square in Zagreb. A suitable program, music and a stage were organized for the athletes, from which they could greet the gathered people. Of course, this event was broadcast on all national televisions, so Croats followed it even if they could not physically attend the reception.

By performing at the last world championship, Croatia confirmed its status as a football giant and once again earned the admiration of the whole world, just like in 2018 when it won 2nd place and the silver medal. We will be immodest and say – we have silver (2018) and bronze (1998 and 2022), now it’s time to finally bring home the gold at the next World Cup!

Football Euro and Schengen are just the beginning of even greater progress

Football Euro and Schengen marked the year 2022 and made it a turning point in the history of Croatia. After the pandemic years that preceded it and greatly set it back in many aspects – we can proudly say that we are back on the right track and that great things await us in the future. A new era is coming for Croatia, both politically and personally for every citizen. By opening the borders of the EU, we become an even more interesting tourist destination, and anyone who wants to visit any beautiful Croatian region can now do so even more simply! 

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