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Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik: We visited the shooting locations

Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik is just one more reason why so many visitors have been coming to this historic city for years. That the universally popular series and Dubrovnik are publicly loved is quite clear, especially if we look at the fact that Game of Thrones was filmed in as many as 19 places in the city and its surroundings!

Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik
Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik

Whether you are a fan of the series or not, this information will certainly pleasantly surprise you. Also, we must not forget that the popularity of the series raised the popularity of Dubrovnik even more, so we find out that the city also made a great profit once everyone found out that some of the most memorable scenes from the series were filmed in it. Numerous tourists flocked to the filming locations of their favorite series, and the craze for Game of Thrones city tours continues. Although the series ended a long time ago, and many were not enthusiastic about its last season – this still does not diminish its popularity.

What prompted us to reminisce about Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik is the start of the House of the Dragon series, which tells the story about the battle for the throne within the House of Targaryen. The time of the action is set 172 years before the birth of the fan favorite character of the Game of Thrones series – Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke.

Below we bring you our favorite filming locations!

Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik attracts an increasing number of tourists every year

Considering the fantastic time in which the Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin set his novels, it is not surprising that our walled Dubrovnik was given the opportunity to embody the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. As Dubrovnik is a city surrounded by walls and surrounded by turquoise sea, no special film effects were needed to turn it into a faithful copy of what the writer imagined.

The first filming location that we think is best to mention in the introduction is definitely The City Walls. During the filming of the entire series, the most famous part of Dubrovnik appeared in a number of important scenes, so the repair after the Battle of Blackwater was filmed on them while Tyrion, Bronn and Poderick are walking on them; King Tommen Baratheon is right here telling Cersei that she should return to Casterly Rock; the ship carrying Marcella’s body is seen in the sixth season of the series.

Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik
The City Walls

St Dominic Street is one of the narrow Dubrovnik streets used in most of the market scenes, but also in one of the most shocking scenes of the series – the murder of the bastard children. There is also a scene where Bronn and Tyrion hear the uprising against Cersei and King Joeffrey. In this street there is also a Dominican Monastery from whose steps a protest speech against the Lannisters was delivered.

Dominican Monestary
Dominican Monastery

Fort Lovrjenac is another area where some important scenes of the series were filmed. The fortress is located outside the western wall of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and played the role of Red Keep in King’s Landing in the series. King Joeffery’s naming ceremony was held at this location; this is where the conversation between Cersei and Littlefinger takes place, from which we remember his sentence “Knowledge is power.” And her answer “Power is power.”; King Joeffrey flees here after being attacked and here Tyrion slaps him.

One of the most satisfying scenes for fans was filmed in Gradac Park. This is where the Purple Wedding feast takes place where King Joeffrey dies of poisoning.

Park Gradac
Park Gradac Source:

The highest point of Dubrovnik, Minčeta Tower, served as the House of the Undying in Quart. Daenerys comes to this place in search of her stolen dragons. From this place there is a magnificent view of the entire Old Town, so it’s worth a visit regardless of whether you’re in Dubrovnik for a Game of Thrones tour or just want to see cultural assets.

The Rector’s Palace in Dubrovnik is today a museum built in the Venetian-Gothic style. You can visit the building itself: tickets cost HRK 100 for adults, HRK 50 for children and students, and it is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Palace appears in the second season of the series when Daenerys visits the Spice King’s mansion to request ships to carry her army across the Narrow Sea.

The last place that particularly delighted us, and where the Game of Thrones series was filmed in Dubrovnik, is actually not in Dubrovnik, but is located a few meters from the mainland – it is the island of Lokrum. The green island in the series is the city of Qarth, and it appeared in the second season, the fifth episode entitled “The Ghost of Harrenhal” when Daenerys is hanging out with the nobility from the city. The scene itself was filmed in the cloister of the former Benedictine monastery. Also, Quarth was Daenerys’ shelter after the death of Khal Drogo and after getting lost in the desert.


Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik attracts an increasing number of tourists every year

What will certainly interest every fan of the series is that the city recognized the importance of its filming in it, so many tourist agencies offer different tourist tours that take guests on a tour of all the filming locations. Each tour has a guide who will show you where each scene or episode was filmed and reveal the secrets that went on behind the scenes.

All the places we have described in the paragraph above are part of different tours that you can choose if you would like to know more information. If you would still prefer to go on an adventure of discovering the Game of Thrones filming location in Dubrovnik, that will be very possible. The only thing you need to know in that case is that it would be good to get information about the entrance fees to all places. 

Your CTC Team, A. M. 

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