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Jadranska magistrala: One of the most beautiful roads in the world

Jadranska magistrala has garnered global acclaim, solidifying its status as one of the world’s most breathtaking roads. Capturing the attention of travelers and experts alike, this remarkable route has achieved an impressive rank of 26th on the list. With its awe-inspiring coastal vistas, the Jadranska magistrala offers an unforgettable journey that showcases the unparalleled beauty of its surroundings. This newfound recognition is a testament to the road’s splendor, inviting adventurers from around the world to embark on a mesmerizing drive along its captivating path. 

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List of the world's top 70 road trips includes Jadranska magistrala

A comprehensive ranking of the finest road trips across the globe has been compiled, considering various factors such as route length, duration, climate conditions, natural wonders, and more., following extensive research, recently unveiled their meticulously curated list of the world’s top 70 road trips. To begin, they featured renowned and iconic routes that have captured worldwide acclaim. For each route, a detailed analysis was conducted, taking into account crucial factors such as the average summer temperature, annual precipitation, sunlight hours, light pollution levels, and the number of national parks traversed. Additionally, the total length of the route, the recommended number of days for the journey, and the average cost of car rentals were considered.

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Earning an impressive spot at 26th place is the captivating 713-kilometer highway stretching from Pula to Dubrovnik, offering a mesmerizing journey that unfolds over approximately 7 days. Notably, this Croatian route stands as the sole representation from the country among the esteemed selection of the 70 best road trips.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure along these remarkable road trips, carefully ranked to celebrate the diverse landscapes, awe-inspiring destinations, and the sheer joy of exploration that awaits intrepid travelers.

Jadranska magistrala truly offers one of the best views

State Road D8, famously known as the Adriatic Highway, holds a special place among the country’s main roads, linking the northern and southern Adriatic regions. Constructed during the 1950s and 1960s, it has evolved into a marvel admired by people worldwide and often chosen as a backdrop by automobile manufacturers to showcase their flagship models.

This remarkable route weaves its way through the Adriatic, connecting several pivotal cities such as Rijeka, Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Makarska, Ploče, and Dubrovnik. Each of these cities plays a vital role in the popularity and promotion of the Adriatic Highway. Despite the presence of a modern parallel highway, the Adriatic Highway continues to hold immense significance, drawing more and more enthusiasts who seek to relish its stunning coastal panoramas with the Adriatic Sea stretching endlessly on one side and breathtaking sights like Velebit on the other.

It is no wonder that the Adriatic Highway has earned its well-deserved status as one of the world’s most enchanting roads. While numerous coastal roads exist, few can rival the captivating beauty of this route, with its azure blue sea serving as a picturesque backdrop to scattered islands, resembling glistening pearls. The road itself presents a captivating dichotomy, at times gently descending towards the sea, while in other sections, it boldly winds and climbs amidst lofty hills. Regardless of the segment traversed, one can expect to be greeted by awe-inspiring sights that leave a lasting impression.

Motorcyclists, in particular, hold a special affinity for the Jadranska magistrala. Not only are they drawn by the scenic splendor, but also the relatively light traffic, even during peak seasons. In 2014, motorcyclists organized a competition to determine the best section of the Jadranska magistrala, and the stretch from Senj to Starigrad claimed the coveted first place. This particular segment boasted a fresh layer of smooth asphalt, ensuring a pleasant ride amidst numerous twists and turns, all while being flanked by majestic mountains on one side and a captivating seaside canyon on the other.

Embark on a journey along the Jadranska magistrala, and delve in a world of unparalleled coastal beauty, where every turn presents a new breathtaking vista, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

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