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JUXTA MARE on Rab Island: Proud Recipient of HOP Mark

JUXTA MARE on Rab Island is newfound place within the esteemed Croatian Island Product initiative you should see for yourself. The city of Rab has unveiled a unique addition to its tourism offerings with the inauguration of the “JUXTA MARE” virtual museum, which focuses on fishing, seafaring, and shipbuilding. Launched on December 6, 2022, this innovative attraction has captured the attention of both local residents and tourists alike.

JUXTA MARE on Rab Island Proud Recipient of HOP Mark Source Goran Šafarek
Rab Island
Source: Goran Šafarek

Forging a Maritime Legacy: JUXTA MARE on Rab Island and Croatia's Pioneering Tourist Initiative

To provide some context, the Tourist Board of Rab presented the JUXTA MARE project for consideration in the Local Development Strategy in Fisheries of the Tramuntana LAGUR (LRSR) for the 2014-2020 period. Specifically, it was submitted under Measure 2.A.1, which aims to develop tourist attractions related to the region’s fishing traditions.

The FLAG competition seeks to provide public support for initiatives falling under Measure 2.A.1, which involve connecting the traditional fishing and maritime sector with tourism. This includes creating new tourist facilities through events and socio-cultural activities for project holders within the fishing area of the FLAG. Consequently, we can confidently assert that this virtual museum is a pioneering endeavor in Croatia, and potentially beyond.

Measure 2.A.1. underscores the importance of bridging the fishing sector with tourism to preserve and promote fishing and maritime traditions, as well as traditional shipbuilding within the fishing region. Achieving this goal involves investments in constructing and equipping small fishing and maritime “museums,” educational centers, interpretation hubs, multimedia installations, thematic routes, exhibitions, events, and competitions. The Tourist Board successfully secured the full requested funding of 148,718.34 euros, covering the entire project cost. 

A Seafront Legacy and the Croatian Island Product Recognition

This phase encompassed 13 locations, encompassing shipbuilders, fishermen, and historically significant architecture that bear witness to the island’s evolving civilization. These sites span the Banjol – Barbat settlement’s waterfront promenade, inspiring the project’s name, JUXTA MARE, reflecting the fact that the entire museum’s content is situated along the seafront.

The project involved several key contributors, including Neven Budak, Mladen Šćerbe, Nomacom d.o.o., IMG ventili d.o.o., Centar Kovačić d.o.o., and project manager Ivana Matušan.

The significance of this project received recognition from the Ministry of Regional Development and the European Union Funds, as the Virtual Museum of Fishing, Seafaring, and Shipbuilding in the city of Rab was included in the intangible heritage of the Croatian island product, which now includes the Rab Fair starting this year. 

The “Croatian Island Product” labeling initiative for island-based products commenced in 2007, aiming to promote the production of authentic, high-quality island products. In August 2022, the “Croatian Island Product” Program was established, aligned with the Law on Islands (Official Gazette No. 116/2018, 73/2020, 133/2020, 70/2021) and the Rulebook on the Implementation of the Program. This program governs the scope, composition of expert commissions, records of entities with the “Croatian Island Product” label, and the label’s usage regulations (Official Gazette 139/2021). 

The “Croatian Island Product” label is conferred on island products and intangible assets as a means of preserving island traditions and identities. This recognition is granted through a public call, wherein applicants must meet the conditions and criteria outlined in the relevant regulations and call for applications. 

JUXTA MARE on Rab Island is more than just a virtual museum; it’s a celebration of a timeless coastal culture and the convergence of tradition with modernity. As it preserves and promotes the cherished fishing and maritime legacies of this island, it also exemplifies Croatia’s commitment to recognizing and preserving its cultural treasures.

We invite you to embark on a virtual journey through history at JUXTA MARE and discover the heart of Rab’s maritime soul. Join us in supporting this remarkable endeavor by visiting the museum, spreading the word, or even considering a visit to this beautiful island in person. 

Your CTC Team

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