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Mediterranean Monk Seal Spotted Near Korčula

The Mediterranean monk seal, a highly endangered mammal, was spotted in the sea near Korčula. This has not happened for 70 years! The Zagreb Underwater Sports Association (DPS Zagreb) shared this heartwarming news on their Facebook page. 

Mediterranean Monk Seal Spotted Near Korčula 1

Meeting a Mediterranean monk seal during a dive is like winning the lottery – it’s that rare. Željan Padovan, who owns the ‘Diving Tri porte’ diving center in Korčula, was the lucky one. 

The Story of Mediterranean Monk Seal Near Korčula

As Željan tells it, the day began just like any other, with the group embarking on their usual diving adventure. However, this dive turned out to be quite special as they descended near Zaklopatica cave. The underwater world revealed its wonders to them, featuring two large groupers, more fish of their kind, and beautiful corals on the seabed. The delight of the group was evident as they marveled at these underwater treasures. 

Mediterranean Monk Seal is also known as Monachus monachus.

The dive eventually led them into the renowned Zaklopatica cave, a famous spot for diving in the Adriatic. It was during this part of the dive that something truly extraordinary unfolded. In an unexpected moment, a gleam in the dark caught Željan’s attention, drawing his gaze in that direction. Encounters with big groupers in the cave weren’t unusual, but what happened next was beyond anyone’s expectations.  

Out of the blue, a young and playful Mediterranean monk seal made a surprise appearance in front of the divers below the water’s surface. While this encounter might sound like a page from a storybook, it indeed happened. Željan still can’t quite believe it, even though he wasn’t alone. The seal paused briefly to observe them before swiftly swimming toward the cave’s exit. It was a sight no one had witnessed in that area for a remarkable 70 years.  

There Is Also Another Story

A few days later, Željan Padovan’s friend had an interesting story to share: “Yesterday, a fisherman had a near accident when something suddenly leaped out of the sea near his boat. He held on tightly to the boat as something snatched the fish from his fishing line!” 

This recent sighting, occurring after seven long decades, serves as a reminder that the Mediterranean monk seal once thrived as the top predator in this region. In the past, it was a common resident of the Adriatic, but nowadays, seeing one is a rare event. 

Mediterranean Monk Seal Spotted Near Korčula 3

This makes us think if it took us too long to understand that sometimes we, humans, are our own problems. We can do things that affect animals, and we should use our abilities to protect, not harm. Sometimes, we forget our role on this planet. We are starting to understand how important it is to take care of the environment. But, maybe it’s not happening as fast as it should to save the animals that are disappearing. But there’s still hope for some, like the Mediterranean monk seal. Just imagine going for a swim and seeing this incredible creature often. 

This rediscovery brings happiness and reminds us that we must take care of nature. It’s a rare chance to see a special animal come back. It’s a reminder that we all have a responsibility to protect the Earth’s animals and plants. 

Experience the Remarkable Return of the Mediterranean Monk Seal in Korčula


Picture your vacation where you get to see the special Mediterranean monk seal up close and be part of its comeback. As you explore the beautiful shores of Korčula, watch out for this amazing animal and the wonders of the Adriatic Sea. By being a responsible traveler, you can help keep nature in balance. Come and join this incredible journey and help protect the variety of life on our planet. Get started today and plan your adventure in the lovely waters of Korčula! 

Your CTC Team

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