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Brinje – Ruins of the Old Town of Sokolac

Brinje, a town first mentioned in the early 14th century, holds a historical gem atop its hill: Sokolac fortress. It was built by the Frankopani princes of Krk in the 15th century. Originally belonging to the Frankopans, Sokolac later became part of the Military Border system. It served as a defensive stronghold against Turkish invasions. Despite now lying in ruins, Sokolac remains brimming with potential and is set amidst breathtaking natural scenery, making it a must-visit destination. 


The fortress’s surroundings are well-maintained, featuring illuminated pathways, a children’s playground, and even a station for electric bicycles, creating a park-like ambiance. However, on the southern hillsides, a surprising change in scenery awaits visitors – reminiscent of the Scottish countryside. Meadows sprawl around the fortress ruins, where sheep graze peacefully, adding unexpected charm to the landscape. 

Important Culture Sites

  • The Chapel of St. Trinity is an integral part of the complex. The chapel stands as a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of its time, with intricate stone decorations adorning its windows and arches framing its doorway. Its beauty offers a glimpse into the grandeur of the entire fortress, which once dominated the surrounding area. Sokolac Fortress presents an intriguing blend of history, natural beauty, and surprises, making it a fascinating destination for travelers seeking unique experiences.
  • The Church of St. Vid, built back in the 14th century, stands as one of Brinje’s oldest sacred buildings. It sits near the center of Brinje, nestled at the base of Humca hill. This Gothic-style church with a pointed sanctuary and a bell tower adjacent to its main facade. The bell tower, with its unique shape, is the most well-preserved part of the medieval church. Carved into the stone facade are two coats of arms: one of the old Frankopan princes on the left, and the other to the princes of Divinski on the right. 
  • A stone bridge was built over the small stream Gate-Jaruga on Jozefinska cesta in the heart of Brinje over 200 years ago, in 1801 to be precise. Local stonemasons from Brinje and the nearby coast came together to make this bridge. It’s not just any bridge – it has a sundial, and during a reconstruction, it was even given a stone ball.
  • Miners and road and tunnel builders from Brinje were renowned across the world. It’s said that there isn’t a tunnel in the world where at least one person from Brinje didn’t take part in its construction. That’s why today, in the center of Brinje, proudly stands the bronze statue of a miner, created by the an artist Kosta Angelini Radovani

Family Vacation

There are plenty of places great for family vacations or outings. Both heritage sites and natural wonders abound in the area. They offer a diverse range of experiences for families to enjoy together.


Cultural Heritage Sites:

  1. Sokolac Fortress Ruins: Explore the medieval ruins of Sokolac Fortress, offering splendid views and insights into the region’s history.
  2. Church of St. Trinity: Visit this beautifully preserved church, adorned with intricate stone decorations, showing the area’s architectural heritage.
  3. Stone Bridge with Sundial: Discover the historic Stone Bridge with a sundial. It will provide a glimpse into the past craftsmanship of the region’s stonemasons. 

Natural Sites:

  1. Nature Trails: Enjoy hiking along scenic trails surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque landscapes.
  2. Picnic Spots by Streams: Relax and unwind at tranquil picnic spots nestled by streams. They are perfect for family gatherings and outdoor meals.
  3. Wildlife Spotting: Venture into the countryside and keep an eye out for diverse wildlife species that call the region home.
  4. Nearby Lakes and Rivers: Take a day trip to nearby lakes or rivers for swimming, boating, or fishing activities. They offer refreshing escapes during the summer months.


These cultural heritage sites and natural attractions near Brinje provide ample opportunities for families to bond. 

Discovering Brinje: A Blend of History, Nature, and Culture


Explore Brinje and its surroundings to discover medieval streets and landmarks like the Church of St. Vida and the Stone Bridge with its sundial. Nature lovers can hike beautiful trails, picnic by streams, and spot wildlife. Don’t miss nearby attractions like the Sokolac fortress ruins and the well-preserved Church of St. Trinity. Experience local culture through events, tasty food, and friendly locals. Brinje offers a range of experiences for everyone to enjoy. 

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